👉 Definition of swinging | French dictionary

👉   Definition of swinging |  French dictionary
Definition of swinging |  French dictionary

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Definitions of “swinging”


Frequent title – French

swinging e.ʃɑ̃.ʒism male

  1. Libertine sexual follow consisting of a brief change of normal companions, between two or extra {couples}.

    • You wished me to consider that every one the {couples} practicedswinging. (Claude Wind, Agathe – The narcissistic mirror2010)

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Etymology of “swapping”

(Century to be specified) Of change with the suffix -ism.

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Phonetics of the phrase “swapping”

Phrase Phonetics (Worldwide Phonetic Alphabet) Pronunciation
swinging eʃɑ̃ʒism

Historic evolution of using the phrase “swapping”

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Quotes containing the time period swinger

  • L’swingingwhich was “a fantasy” for him, is now “a interval” over in his life: his spouse made him perceive that she was “fed up” and that she was “not a doll”.
    , Close to Nantes, the swinger carpenter bartered his spouse for objects recovered from the recycling middle | The Mail of the Pays de Retz

  • The free-swinging is in disaster and, if he survives, it is going to be in zombie type. It was Emmanuel Todd who first spoke of “zombie Catholicism”. In response to him, within the western areas of France, Catholicism would have misplaced its non secular position however it could proceed to exert its affect by way of social and cultural varieties. That is what he referred to as zombie Catholicism. We’ll borrow this time period “zombie” from him to use it to the evaluation of the way forward for free commerce in at this time’s disaster.
    Le Figaro.fr, Yves Perez: “True liberalism is lifeless, solely zombie free commerce survives”

  • We should be conscious that if we listened to the folks, we’d marvel concerning the insanity of free-swinging deregulated. Failing to shut the borders (which just about nobody is proposing), we’d imitate the USA or China by introducing a minimal of protectionist measures. In the identical frame of mind, we’d contest the race for monetary profitability which is the soul of capitalism. We’d not make the worth of labor the general public enemy primary and the wage the variable of adjustment which makes it potential to deal with the shareholders with the small onions. In brief, we’d draw some classes from the disaster that’s hitting the world by digging into the avenues that some have been exploring with basic indifference for a very long time.
    Marianne, Market supremacists | Marianne

Illustrative pictures of the phrase “swinging”

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Translations of the phrase “swapping”

Language Translation
English swinging
Spanish swing
Italian oscillating
German schwingen
Chinese language 摇摆的
Arab يتأرجح
Portuguese oscillating
Russian качающийся
Japanese 揺れる
Basque abentura
Corsica oscillation

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