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48 thoughts on “Wolf of wall avenue lamborghini trip safely

  1. Remember when Lois and Peter thought they were singing really good in front of a bunch of people. Until their son showed him the video

  2. Lol I watched This film last night UK Itv4 11pm! He and his best friend Donnie take ‘Lemmons’(Opiates, Probably!) With No Effect Until An Hour & A Half Later But By Then..His Lawyer Yells Down The Phone..That Things Are Hitting The Fan! Oh Dear, Pls Pls Everyone, Find This Film And Watch It! But Keep Reminding Urselves This Really Happened2 That Fella, Jordan Belfort!
    May He Find Happiness! x

  3. I just learned that car is…not made for ppl above 5’10” and it’s a designed nightmare…but it’s a AWESOMELY HUGE FLEX. oh yeah and it’s a SuperCar roadster so it’s not really (that) fast at all more like a …. modern delorean (no offense to the actual modernized Og delorean west side customs made which costs $500,000)

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