The Complete International Monetary System Is Falling Aside | Tips on how to Put together – Alasdair Macleod

The Complete International Monetary System Is Falling Aside | Tips on how to Put together – Alasdair Macleod
The Whole Global Financial System Is Falling Apart | How to Prepare - Alasdair Macleod

Alasdair Macleod joins us as we speak to share his ideas on a shutdown within the markets throughout the board. We additionally mentioned a attainable new world reserve forex and why the value of valuable metals retains falling.

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38 thoughts on “The Complete International Monetary System Is Falling Aside | Tips on how to Put together – Alasdair Macleod

  1. A world where Gold & Silver are the only things worth money will be a VERY dangerous world. Good luck showing up to a real estate closing with your bag of silver and gold without getting killed on the way there or after you arrive. Better invest in some copper and lead too while you're buying metals.

  2. Stacking gold and silver is critical in China as well as the government has gone full retard and is creating the never ending Covid-Santa-Claus to control everyone, everything as well as destroy its own economy!

  3. Buy physical Gold..forget about it & forget about price it really is irrelevant..Gold is insurance against a financial collapse with zero counterparty your FIAT comes in, spend it and convert any excess into hard assets. PS; if you’re in uk buy British Gold coins not bullion as it’s legal tender & not subject to CGT 👍🇬🇧

  4. This guy has no clue what money is. Gold failed at being money a long time ago and it's the main reason why it hasn't been used in a long time and will never be used again. Bitcoin has intrinsic value just like gold, and is priced through proof of work (aka energy usage), just like gold. Bitcoin is a much better form of money and it's on its way to replacing gold. Gold is dead.

  5. What if people don't value gold or silver as being old and useless? Then we've done our purchases for nothing. Yes, it could happen this way.

  6. The Fed will do what their owners tell them to do. Inflation will be allowed to run hot with more QE to keep the ball in the air until debt implodes.

  7. So, if I make a profit in crypto….it is not real money? But I sold it and got cash…..what stupidity from an educated man! Wants to see a one sided view at any cost!

  8. At 15:18 – he states that .9999 “ conversion “ is something we should all pay attention to !
    American eagles are NOT .9999 in silver for example !
    This is interesting ; it could mean if you don’t own say Canadian Maples that ARE .9999 , it might not get the
    “ global respect “ or recognition to further push the west aside .

  9. Wherever I see him being interviewed, I at least watch a couple of times to absorb how wealth of information and knowledge he so willingly shared with us. He is ALWAYS ahead of the curve.
    Moreover, unlike many other “gurus”, he is always current in his talking points rather than rehashing his own position over and over again.
    Would be wise to bring him on monthly!!

  10. One factor of Golds recent performance could be an extra effort by the BIS cartel to surpress price due to the conflict in Ukraine. After all Russia (and China) has a large stock pile of physical Gold. From US perspective it would not be in your interest to see your no 1 enemy see their assets appreciate

  11. The precious metals market is the most rigged game in town. The Central Banks will not allow market forces to determine market prices.

  12. What is an interesting interview until you got to park where are you start shitting on bitcoin. Not money? Bitcoin is the most incredible monetary system ever been invented.

  13. Gold is a hedge against the fed pivoting and going back to QE and lower interest rates.

    Right now everyone is selling everything including Gold because cash is King in a recession. Investors are trying to catch the bottom of the market. Problem is, the Fed has to unwind 9.5 Trillion of bonds which will even further complicate things.

  14. you were kind once and this guy went to Mexico Vegas had a good time all of his buddies you were kind of buying silver when it was high and high premium… now he's back he wants to go to Mexico again

  15. The New system starts in 2023 less than a year from now but not one of these guys are talking about it? The Dollars will be Digital in 2023 like a stable coin but not a block chain technology with E.S.G CONTROL.

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