The Banks Are Manipulating Silver | Right here Is How – Bix Weir

The Banks Are Manipulating Silver | Right here Is How – Bix Weir
The Banks Are Manipulating Silver | Here Is How - Bix Weir

Bix Weir, YouTuber from “Street To Roota” joins us at present to clarify what’s taking place with the silver derivatives market and the way the large bullion banks have been manipulating it for years.
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32 thoughts on “The Banks Are Manipulating Silver | Right here Is How – Bix Weir

  1. if any is true, why the miners aren't sueing this long ago? Why do they keep selling silver to them?
    Why they dont create their own exchange (or similar)?They say they need to pay bills but they could just sell a % to cover cost and then create their own. The fact that they didn't do it for the last 20 years means they are parte of the rigged system.

  2. Hey Bix why has 160 million ounces of silver been unhoarded from lmba? This seems an astronomical amount of silver no longer stored there?

  3. If the American dollar is worth 2% of it's value as it was in the year 1900, then one 1900 dollar is worth $50 in 2022. So a twenty dollar 90%-gold coin should be worth $1,000.00 in the year 2022.

    This means that the price of gold bullion should be worth $1,100.00/oz. in the year 2022.

    Since the actual ratio of silver to gold is 1 to 8, then silver should be worth $125.00/oz.

    However, silver is also a very important industrial metal and therefore is worth more than $125.00/oz.

    My conclusion is that gold may not be undervalued, but silver is very much undervalued so have gold to preserve your wealth. And, have much silver to actually gain a profit which you will need to re-establish yourself during the hyperinflation.

  4. Bix weir.. knowledgeable about silver.. obviously not the timing as for the 5 years it's been "the last chance to get your hands on silver"
    Absolutely shocking calls on crypto.. LTC , BTC, Theta… he has a monumentally bad track record of calls.. which is why he has comments turned off on his channel.. I stopped listening to him years ago.. only clicked on this to write this comment.. not gonna waste my time listening to him


  5. So the banks are at it again. As for JP Morgan, why are they still in business as they were behind the 2007 financial crash along with many others and here we go again JP Morgan have been caught with their hand in the money pot yet again.

  6. Would really appreciate if you could please appear with Andrew Maguire on Kinesis money the vault… He is a active physical dealer who is fully up to speed with the UK side of affairs… Thanks for your great information here… I believe that these current banks are also responsible for the naked shorts over all the OTC…. Another important contact for you is Dave Lauer, ex Citadel trader also involved with Jeffrey Christianson involved in the SEC investigations for the ongoing manipulation….

  7. I heard through a well known source Putin has been flying in full Hercules loads of silver bullion just about every month for the last 18 months to help back his currency with gold , he must know something up

  8. The US Corporation is not your country they are a foreign corporation ruling over Washington DC 10 miles square that is the extent of their jurisdiction unless you volunteer to be a franchise in their system aka US CORP. 14TH AMENDMENT CITIZEN

  9. I know that silver and gold price/values are suppressed and manipulated but I think many people underestimate the power and ability of the Fed and government to continue to do so .

  10. Yes I know it's manipulated. But if the mining ceos don't do anything it will continue. Truly a big disappointment that these ceos are such weak ass companies. But you can't really expect anything from these ceos

  11. Dukakis miracle in Boston, IRS $2.1 billion IBM, IT upgrade lost an estimated 20% of data and was abandoned. In today's money, around $20B. I suggest five times more IRS upgrades! Let's lose all the data!

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