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50 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Avenue – "Mad Max"

  1. Seeing this movie in theatres was one of the greatest film experiences I ever had. It was just constant laughter, followed by waves of silence during the more dramatic scenes (Leo and Margot fighting, Leo's Steve Madden speech). I wish theatres would do re-runs for people who didn't get to experience that.

  2. You have to be old like me to recognise it, but at 0.47, he, very hilariously, does the thing with his arms and legs that he did all the time on All In The Family when Meathead was super frustrated.

  3. En la version con doblaje en español latino, dice en los comentarios que finge un acento español (de España) el cual se oye bastante diferente. Con la voz del maravilloso Humberto Velez quien da la voz a Homero Simpsons. Uno de los mejores actores de doblaje.

  4. All of the names your system pumps to my device are retarded. More misdirection. Everyone's doing the same job. I've seen it all and heard it all from everyone else everywhere else I've lived. You're not fooling anyone anymore.

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