New large dinosaur predator found with tiny arms, like T. rex

The fossilized stays had been remarkably effectively preserved. The cranium is simply over 4 toes lengthy (127 centimeters), whereas the whole animal would have been some 36 toes lengthy, and weighed 4 metric tons.

Its arms had been two toes lengthy, “so it is actually half the size of the cranium and the animal wouldn’t have been in a position to attain its mouth,” stated Makovicky.

T. rex did not get its tiny arms from M. gigas. The latter went extinct 20 million years earlier than the previous arose, and the 2 species had been far aside on the evolutionary tree.

As an alternative, the authors imagine the truth that tyrannosaurids, carcharodontosaurids—the group Meraxes belonged to—and a 3rd large predator species known as abelisaurids all developed tiny arms factors to sure advantages.

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