I Requested Wall Road Millionaires For Investing Recommendation

I Requested Wall Road Millionaires For Investing Recommendation
I Asked Wall Street Millionaires For Investing Advice

I went to Wall Road and requested the individuals for investing recommendation throughout this 2022 inventory market crash… this is the way it went. Subscribe for extra movies! #roadto1million
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The 2022 recession is CRAZY.. however this story is even crazier. I actually cannot imagine how this present day went and as difficult because it was, it was actually price it. Thanks for watching.



Jordan Welch

24 thoughts on “I Requested Wall Road Millionaires For Investing Recommendation

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  2. A Good video ! So happy to announce that I have gained financial freedom by investing in digital currency. Now I know that multi creation of various streams of income is the ideal Principle for financial sustainability.

  3. It wasnt so much that he looked like a criminal but mentioning on the street ''want to be on youtube'' and them being young and dressed casually they would see it as a waste of time for some idiot youtuber right in the middle of their work day and these people are workaholics so I am glad he didnt go into a rant about it and just adapted to the situation.

  4. Is this entire video an advertisement for his friend Ben's company? There's an extraordinarily large amount of time devoted to Ben, how he has connections on wall street, and how he has a lot of meetings to go to. It seems like a weird choice if it's not.

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