Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Value Drug Firm Disrupt the Pharma Trade? | WSJ

Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Value Drug Firm Disrupt the Pharma Trade? | WSJ
Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Cost Drug Company Disrupt the Pharma Industry? | WSJ

Drug costs stay out of attain for a lot of People, who pay among the many highest costs on this planet. In an interview with WSJ, billionaire investor Mark Cuban explains how his low-cost, on-line drug firm works and the challenges it faces in a consolidated trade. Photograph illustration: Adele Morgan/Storyblocks

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41 thoughts on “Can Mark Cuban’s Low-Value Drug Firm Disrupt the Pharma Trade? | WSJ

  1. I switched my prescriptions, two generics. Neither were unmanageably expensive, but they still went down to a fifth the original cost, and I can get it three months at a time, which my insurance screamed about. Thank you, I hope he can make this happen for non-generics too!

  2. The sad part is this: I bet you would see bipartisan support for legislation that would attempt to kill Cuban's idea. It is incredible to me how many people pay lip service to the concept of free market price negotiations but never help implement it. I have lived through two administration, which each respectively had the benefit of total republican and total democratic control (and consequently could enact change), and neither party tried to fix this broken "market". Kudos to Cuban for helping the sick. Shame on our government for using legislative protection to shield the bilking of people who need medicine.

  3. It’s shocks me that insulin in USA costs around 200-300$( around 60,000 PKR). Whereas, insulin in Pakistan costs around 12.5 $( around 2500 rs). Plus, it’s the same company.

  4. That which plutocrats giveth, they may also taketh away.

    Mr. Cuban's CostPlus may save and improve more American lives than any other single individual or enterprise in American history. But I am suspicious of Mr. Cuban's intentions. Benevolence is not a characteristic of any billionaires, oligarchs or plutocrats. Let's face it, among his peers mere 15% margin is for losers. We can expect margin rates will be raised over time, borrowing the Amazon model of first establishing a de facto monopoly. Then adjusting prices up to keep profits high. Greed is the only constant.

    Maybe Mark is a different kind of plutocrat? I don't think so. At best, I suspect this is Mark doing his part for the "bread and circuses" phase of the declining American Republic as it strides towards Christian Authoritarianism. While the billionaire class continues to erode democracy and corrode public institutions, here is one billionaire we must be grateful for. Without the benevolent billionaire plutocrats like Mr. Cuban, we would be lost.

  5. $800 without insurance, $300 with insurance, $80 through Cost Plus (adjusting for dosage and using a variation of one ingredient). I was seriously considering not treating my asthma for a few minutes before I remembered Cost Plus exists.

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  7. I applaud Mark for doing this! What a Godsend he is! He also should watch his back, this is unfortunately one of the kinda things that people turn up dead for trying to do.

  8. Hear me out… if the United States had a universal healthcare system…. Like most of the developed world…. there wouldn’t be a need for this kind of “drug cost saving” program because Americans would be able to afford to see their doctors and get prescriptions. 🤦‍♂️ 😠

  9. This could sound great until you realize the plan strongly depends on Big Pharma creating and launching new molecules. So the cost of cheap medicines is we won't have new medicines.

  10. Y'all, Mark Cuban is a businessman. Can his company potentially help people save money? Yes. But is saving people money his priority? Absolutely not. As with any business models, the priority is profit. Utilize this option while it is feasible for you, but please do not believe for 1 second that he is out there hustling for your benefit.

  11. the fact that americans need to rely on the goodwill and benevolence of a billionaire to get medicine at reasonable costs is very sad.

  12. Its sad to think that healthcare is an area that can be abused and profited by corporations. thought by 2022 we would have measures in place to prevent abuse.

  13. Amazing how this is standard in other countries but if you wanted to discuss this in America it would be unacceptable socialism. Now a capitalist entrepeneur is doing it and America is applauding it.

  14. So here is where capitalism has been failing with newer generations over the past 100-120 years… they take from the the middle class/ people stuck in poverty and give nothing back to their communities/ country. Mark Cuban and a few others in his class are trying to rewind the script here and actually do something good for the people that helped him throughout his amazing business career. It's so obvious… give a back to those that have given you plenty so they can keep giving. That's why tags like "make America great again" really crack me up (especially considering who started the phrase historically cant keep his little hands out of the melting pot and takes advantage of the middle class). The mass majority of the 1% and 10% back in the day would reinvest in their communities and country… you can see proof of this in many of some of the most beautiful historical buildings in America. You have to knock a lot of people down to claw your way to the top- but once you reach that achievement you can do great things or just keep trying to climb up and up and malnourishing the ladder that's been holding you up. So- seriously Mark Cuban, I know there is some profit in this for you, but I am certain the biggest profit is doing what's right for all of us on the other side. Thank you and hopefully this will inspire more goodness to follow from your associates (hopeful but doubtful) ♡

  15. More money in america per hour but then more money to spend on Electricity, Water, Fixes, Medicine, Maintenance. I just can't imagine being Poor in america I'd rather just save up all the money I can and move to something cheap but with Good chances.

  16. Almost all major advances in healthcare are in the area of new and better drugs. And almost all new drug discovery is done in the US. Marks system is brilliant. It will reduce costs without stifling innovation. I suspect any new laws would have the opposite effect.

  17. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list., in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  18. Low-cost drugs have been existing in dozens of countries for several years, and nothing happened yet. Is surprasing that you didn't had this until now.

  19. As long as the Government is in control of your health care it will never be low cost! Doctor's know that Government run health care, will pay whatever exuberant amount they charge and get away with it. If the Government wasn't involved and your everyday Joe had to pay, the costs would come down because they know no one could afford it, that's called the Free Market, Government run healthcare eliminates competition and the free market!

  20. Mark Cuban doesn’t appear to be suicidal but neither did Anthony Bourdain, Chester Bennington, Kate Spade ummmm let’s see who else – oh I know, the scientist that was studying COVID correlations and snake venom – yea, that guy

  21. Wow, what Cuban is doing is awesome. I wish this video was reported properly to include how the over regulation of the Federal Government in all the wrong areas and the under regulation in areas that actually matter (Quality, cost, availability/access) was included.

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