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The Cat’s Eye Nebula isn’t simply good to take a look at, it’s good to take heed to as properly. Scientists have transformed photos of the nebula to sound, offering a brand new method to respect its magnificence.

The nebula is the ultimate gasp of a dying star. The nuclear reactions within the star’s core are shutting down, so it’s pumping its outer layers of fuel out into house. That’s shaped an advanced collection of bubbles and shells. The central bubbles are brilliant and colourful, and resemble the attention of a cat.

It’s surrounded by extra bubbles, nested one inside the opposite. They could have shaped at intervals of about 1500 years, because the star blew them into house. In that case, then the primary one started forming about 15,000 years in the past as seen from Earth. The brilliant central bubbles started forming only one thousand years in the past, and sign the star’s demise. Ultimately, solely its scorching however lifeless core will stay: a white dwarf.

Astronomers transformed photos of the nebula to sound. The sounds symbolize completely different wavelengths, and the depth of the completely different elements of the picture. They scan from the middle of the nebula like a radar beam — offering a brand new method to respect this stunning dying star.

The Cat’s Eye Nebula is in Draco, the dragon, which coils round Polaris, the North Star. The nebula is off to the higher proper of Polaris at dusk, and is a well-liked goal for small telescopes.

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