Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies earlier than the Senate Finance Committee

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies earlier than the Senate Finance Committee
Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies before the Senate Finance Committee

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US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen faces a gauntlet of robust questions on her inflation views as she testifies earlier than the Senate finance Committee on Biden’s 2023 finances.

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35 thoughts on “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen testifies earlier than the Senate Finance Committee

  1. None of our economic challenges are due to reckless Federal spending and endless printing of FED fiat currency? Excuse me? Debasement is the arbitrary redefining and lightening of the currency so as to add to the coffers of the State. Governments have systematically betrayed their trust as guardians of the precisely defined weight of the money commodity.

  2. Who appointed Janet "Transitory" Yellen? Who just re-appointed Powell and his 6 Trillion Dollar Printing Press? Oh yea…It's the same guy who signed the 1.2 Trillion Dollar stimulus Pork Package we didn't need, it's Mr shut down domestic oil production and pipelines, It's Mr. Multi-millionaire Ukraine Puppet who declared economic war on Russia. That's right…ONE person is to blame….and his name is United States DEMOCRAT President….Joe Biden!

  3. The intent of free money may have been good but the result is that it was used to move production out of USA and increase profits (and political donations).

  4. One generation built, one generation destroyed. What is the point we have this hearing? We had dozens of the hearing in the past regarding to unnecessary war, wrong economy policies from FED…… Where is accountability?

  5. 06/07/2022 CURRENT "New World Order:" 1. CHINA. 2. RUSSIA. 3. USA. The "World Economy", is Spinning FASTER and; Like a MERRY GO ROUND, You will "Fly Off." IMAGINE, "It is 1929", because: "It Really is!" META Phorically. {A metaphor is a "Figure of Speech" that, for "Rhetorical Effect," DIRECTLY Refers to "One Thing" by MENTIONING "Another."} It MAY "Provide" CLARITY or "Identify" HIDDEN "Similarities" between two DIFFERENT "Ideas!" Wikipedia

  6. most likely the word Inflation may be incorrect. As at best it is supply side and after a two year shutdown of the World's "motor", again looking very very engineered event. like a sock turned inside out, observe and observe., what is dressed up as inflation is just Paper currency devaluation across the board. Thus all the paper currencies with respect to each other have hardly moved and have been just 4-5 % of each other, whereas the stuff we use this money to buy has on an average gone up any where between 46- 68 %, all within the last two years. Expecting the paper currencies to restore their buying worth with raising rates will do little. Thus, the Inflation is nothing but "paper currency devaluation". It is just that the common man has not woken up to it.

  7. to the list of stuff that has unnecessarily gone up you can add, Steel cement , real estate, Crude anand gasoline, Electricity, Second hand goods and all other hard assets, the focus ofcourse has been largely dran by Papaer assets such as Equities which wll rationalise. Gold is a proxy for paper currency and it s strongly suspected it is being kept artificially low comparatively, whilst countries a and institutions accumulate

  8. As much as I am a free market guy and always will be, there are some people getting filthy rich off the backs of the American People at this moment. Oil supply is not the issue, it is prices floating with future markets which I believe was something that started with ENRON. Because Biden is constantly jaw boning ending fossil fuels the Markets are bidding it up and up, now the consumers get the shaft while middle men and politicians get wealthy.

  9. People need to understand that macro economics…gas prices are set globally and set at supply and demand prices. When we sanction Russian oil then supply lowers and the demand remains the same which pushes prices up until supply sources stabilize.

    This too shall pass, however the right thing worldwide to preserve democracy was done…and this wake up call will redistribute how we source oil and distribute oil…

    Change begets sacrifice for a short while…if you value freedom over tyranny, have patience

  10. C'mon Bilbo Baggins…you, fycking, hope!? This admin is destroying the country. They've proved that, trickle down economics works, country's going broke and so am I!

  11. No one gives a damn Ms. Stabenow about you getting on your soapbox and blathering! It would be nice if you stayed on topic and talked about all the problems facing the American people that your party created! So why is Ms. Stabenow lecturing Janet Yellen with nothing but lies and exaggerations about what a wonderful job the Democrats have done since they have been running things? No one believes her for one second! The good news is in November of 2024 Ms. Stabenow can be replaced when DJT is re-elected President. In the interim she can suffer the Dems embarrassment when Joe Biden is convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors from his Impeachment after the Republicans take back the House and Senate this fall, and is removed from office!

  12. This woman should be FIRED, FIRED, she is extremely incompetent, Like this whole administration! Everything Biden and this whole administration touches goes to CRAP! Vote all of them Out, OUT…..

  13. so what are you going to do for the lower and middle class families? we are going to have energy programs help lower their utilities…lol really?? really??!

  14. he had to pause and gulp down some water before telling the big lie that gas costs are due to putin. Didn't mention the real reason. Themselves and Brandon Biden.

  15. So, the dems master plan is to reverse every policy that a) had us in a booming economy under Trump, b) had record low unemployment for minorities, c) low inflation rates, d) low fuel costs, etc… Now, there solution is to give the IRS super funding to beat every penny out of Americans as they can. These are fools.

  16. Ms. Stabenow was being honest in how she feels. "Drove By Every Gas Station. Didn't matter how high it was". Lied about everything else, but was honest about gas prices. I think she's too stupid to realize that there was no vaccine until Trump helped pharmaceuticals rid heavy regulatory burdens and create one. Thinks supply chain 'just happened' because of global economy rather than regulations on businesses, paying people to not work, and keeping ports closed or limited severely because of their policies.

  17. This women's only JOB is to kniw…to know the numbers..this is literally her only job and she knows absolutely nothing and is forced bidens spending is a problem and she has been either lying *more than likely) or so stupid and needs to just resign when she has to admit she is wrong 100% if the time and knows nothing about the job!

  18. MISSOURI TEACHERS BEWARE: Social Security will STEAL your benefits….especially….your SURVIVOR BENEFITS! Repeal: WEP & GOVERNMENT PENSION OFFSET. HR 82. S 1302. Stop taxing SS ! Raise the CAP and make SS solvent for 75 years !

  19. So plan to increase our taxes so the gov can dole it back out to us, after taking their self alloted cut, to help us because we are now so broke?? Pyramid scheme.

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