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House flight is tough on the human physique. Astronauts lose muscle mass and bone density. They’re uncovered to radiation that will increase the chance of most cancers and different issues. And that’s only the start. Lengthy flights aboard the Worldwide House Station have led to modifications within the eyes, blood, and mind.

Most astronauts who’ve spent a minimum of six months in orbit have reported imaginative and prescient issues. The attention can change form, and connections between the attention and the optic nerve could be frayed. Researchers aren’t certain what causes the issues. It could possibly be merely the dearth of gravity, however different elements could possibly be at work as effectively.

Astronauts additionally undergo a lack of purple blood cells. A current research discovered that the physique is definitely destroying the cells. And it continues to take action so long as the individual is in house. Cell manufacturing improves after touchdown, however ranges stay low even a 12 months later. Once more, there’s no confirmed clarification.

One other research discovered that weightlessness additionally “rewires” elements of the mind. A dozen house vacationers have been scanned earlier than and shortly after their journeys, and once more just a few months later. The scans revealed modifications to the connections between elements of the mind that management motor capabilities. And the modifications persevered after the return to Earth. Researchers say the mind was adapting to weightlessness, the place transferring is kind of completely different than it’s on Earth.

So an extended journey to house isn’t any trip for the human physique.

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