Cash, Energy and Wall Avenue: Half One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Cash, Energy and Wall Avenue: Half One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE
Money, Power and Wall Street: Part One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

Within the 2012 award-winning sequence Cash, Energy and Wall Avenue, FRONTLINE tells the story of the struggles to restore the financial system after the 2008 monetary disaster, exploring key selections, missed alternatives, and the uneasy partnership between leaders of presidency and finance.

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Partially one in every of Cash, Energy and Wall Avenue, FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith interviews main bankers, authorities officers and journalists to chart the epic rise of a brand new monetary order—and the difficulty that adopted. As Wall Avenue innovated, its revenues skyrocketed, and monetary establishments of all stripes tied their fortunes to 1 one other. Smith probes deeply into the story of the massive banks—how they developed, how they profited, and the way the mannequin that produced unfathomable wealth planted the seeds of economic destruction.

FRONTLINE’s veteran monetary and political producers Michael Kirk (The Alternative 2020: Trump Vs. Biden, United States of Conspiracy), Martin Smith (The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, The Pension Gamble), Marcela Gaviria (The Virus: What Went Unsuitable?, Separated: Youngsters on the Border) and Tom Jennings (Proper to Fail, Opioids Inc.) crew as much as current this Emmy Award-winning documentary sequence.

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34 thoughts on “Cash, Energy and Wall Avenue: Half One (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

  1. its basically the shittiest casino you could ask for ….. our world and economy would be better off without any of it wall street is a cancer on everything around it …


  3. in the early-mid 2000s the banks were lending me money to buy houses without any proof of income – and always tried to give me 25% more than the value. I was flipping houses every six months and turning 30% profits. . . by 2009, the last house I sold, took three tries to close an act of sale and in the interum, the house value fell nearly 15%. But gosh, it was sure nice while it lasted. The whole thing was so obviously insane and destined to fail.

  4. So the whole idea was to create derivatives that speculate on the debt repayment of companies? Maybe I didnt understand but, thats the most made up shit I've ever heard of. Next up lets just package credit card debt that we dont own and tie it to peoples repayment..

  5. HAHA…same thing happening with crypto currency today

    history is going to repeat itself just as much as the dutch tulip bulb bubble…just needs a bunch of uneducated, overconfident millennials to be plucked

  6. All of this credit facilities created is benefiting the economic growth upto a point were the credit became larger and larger to bear, with credit comes interest, at first its still a positive return but later on when the credit is to large thats were the interest is set to negetive or very low as of now and unable to normalised again and keep getting lower and the credit bigger… welcome to free monetary policy from the west… 🤣

  7. The evil of this practice is behind so much evil. Constantly driving up the prices on housing, makes it so the poor are poorer than ever. Rent is the worst expense. Poverty is the worst, and create so much other bad for a society and it's safety. The cost to society for these practices, for society to pay, is astronomical.

  8. Republican Capitalism bail out banks, corporations tax, spend, inflate profit$ (not democracy) $cam Created? $Ts "printed" around world, Spoiler alert RECAP = Central Banks $0 savings, no bankruptcy, create infinite $, buy government bonds. Bond exchange $ promise government pay back w/interest. $ paid back future citizens taxes, inflation…. madne$$ what could possibly go wrong?!!! Recessions 1785-1835 12, 1836-1927 24, 1927-present 15 = 51 panic, recession, depression, etc.

  9. all these guys (especially the indian guy and and the MIT math graduate lady) have grinded waay to hard to get where they are, creating hedge funds, creating money out of nowhere, bypassing laws, tapping into unregulated markets with derivatives (maths) and speculation, and even predicting the consequences and knowing their way out in when it goes belly up (bail from government)
    all these guys are incredibly smart IQ, but also worked VERY hard to get where they are. they at the top of the top. their goal is making money, not producing anything, but using maths to predict on speculations. numbers game, and grind it out and u need other ppl.

  10. damn, the indian smart guy who talked, had grinded so hard and was so smart. all these people went to Ivy and MIT for mathematics so obviously they worked at hedge funds

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