Ganymede Casts a Large Shadow

Ganymede Casts a Large Shadow

NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this magnificent view of Jupiter in the course of the mission’s fortieth shut move by the large planet, . The big, darkish shadow on the left facet of the picture was forged by Jupiter’s moon Ganymede.

Citizen scientist Thomas Thomopoulos created this enhanced-color picture utilizing uncooked information from the JunoCam instrument (Determine 1). On the time the uncooked picture was taken, the Juno spacecraft was about 44,000 miles (71,000 kilometers) above Jupiter’s cloud tops, at a latitude of about 55 levels south, and 15 instances nearer than Ganymede, which orbits about 666,000 miles (1.1 million kilometers) away from Jupiter.

An observer at Jupiter’s cloud tops throughout the oval shadow would expertise a complete eclipse of the Solar. Complete eclipses are extra widespread on Jupiter than Earth for a number of causes. Jupiter has 4 main moons (Galilean satellites) that always move between Jupiter and the Solar: in seven days, Ganymede transits as soon as; Europa, twice; and Io, 4 instances. And since Jupiter’s moons orbit in a airplane near Jupiter’s orbital airplane, the moon shadows are sometimes forged upon the planet.

JunoCam captured this picture from very near Jupiter, making Ganymede’s shadow seem particularly massive. Determine 2, created by citizen scientist Brian Swift utilizing JunoCam information, illustrates the approximate geometry of the seen space, projected onto a globe of Jupiter.

Jupiter is the most important planet within the Photo voltaic System and the fifth planet from the Solar. It’s a gasoline large with a mass that’s greater than two and a half instances that of all the opposite planets within the Photo voltaic System mixed, however is just about one-thousandth the mass of the Solar. Jupiter, behind the Moon and Venus, is the third brightest pure object within the Earth’s evening sky, and it has been observed since prehistoric instances. It was named after Jupiter, the Roman god and king of the gods.

Ganymede, a satellite tv for pc of the planet Jupiter, is the most important and most huge of the Photo voltaic System’s moons. It’s the ninth-biggest object within the Photo voltaic System (together with the Solar) and the most important and not using a vital ambiance. It has a diameter of 5,268 kilometers (3,273 miles), making it 26 % bigger by quantity than Mercury, however it is just 45 % as huge

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