Finance Minister Lawrence Wong named chief of 4G workforce

Finance Minister Lawrence Wong named chief of 4G workforce
Finance Minister Lawrence Wong named leader of 4G team

finance Minister Lawrence Wong has been named the ruling celebration’s fourth-generation chief. The transfer paves the way in which for him to be named the subsequent Prime Minister. PM Lee Hsien Loong mentioned in a press release that the choice has been affirmed by Cupboard ministers and endorsed by all Authorities MPs.

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42 thoughts on “Finance Minister Lawrence Wong named chief of 4G workforce

  1. it really takes alot to stand up to hold this position. who would want to every day listening to ungrateful singaporean kpkb? lim swee keat siam the bullet, and we are truely fortunate somebody came forward to shoulder it.

  2. Yes Mr Lawrence did a good job on pacifying , leading and motivating the people during the recent pandemic BUT

    1. He is a relatively new minister , does he have the tenacity to handle this island nation forward? I am not questioning his capability but i am asking if he has that FIRE in him to soldier through adversity expecially when he had made some boo boo comments about hdb going to zero value etc….

    2. Most of us alr know he is put in place to be a seat warmer for the next heir to the throne. I seriously don't believe a GCT repeat this time around.

    I hope the leadership will take concrete steps to decide the next PM. Mr Lawrence is the ideal spokesman for PAP.. i will even vote for him as president but to trust a relatively young politician for top position is a gamble

    I apologise to the govt if i have said anything wrong.

  3. Leadership succession is important for a country. To find a good, right and capable leader with integrity is not easy. Hope he will be one and a good team player too. All the best to him.

  4. Well I mean he is the best candidate out of all of the current 4g leaders that's for sure. But hopefully he doesn't screw up and prove to us that he has the people's heart first over his own heart.

  5. 黄循财能力是很强,王乙康能力会比较差。但是我比较喜欢王乙康的人格,不太喜欢黄循财的人格。Ong Ye Kung is for the people, he has connected Singaporeans on so many levels. He listens to feedbacks of the people and finds out doable way to help them. He has heart for the people. This is good as Singapore is going to be a responsible welfare society. While Lawrence Wang is aggressive and arrogant towards Singaporeans. In recent seminar, he has aggressive and arrogant tone towards others' feedbacks, and set his own direction without caring for the consequences caused to those affected. Lawrence Wong has direction, many detailed plans and has execution skill, but Ong Ye Kung can set sensible and balance policies from 2 extremely different goals. Singapore with Lawrence Wong as PM will be very different from now which is heartwarming to the people. I will not love Singapore so much in his care. What Lawrence Wong do best is to create wealth for Singapore, and to manage Singapore's budget. Heng Swee Keat has the strengths of them both. He is a knowledgeable leader, has the respects of all the respectable well-wishers of Singapore. I hope Heng Swee Keat will be voted again as future PM. Although he can only be PM for shorter years, but he can set the direction right for Singapore and lead us to a even better Singapore with his care towards Singaporeans and plans, direction, and ability to balance, with his good execution skills, and respect from Singaporean and the world leaders. Ong Ye Kung is for the people, Lawrence Wong is not really. I'm afraid Lawrence Wong will set his own direction and deter away from the system and ideas of Lee Kuan Yew. The character of Lawrence Wong is so different from the characters of our late PM Lee Kuan Yew and PM Lee Hsien Loong, which are 光明正大,真心为国为民,真心体恤民生,谦虚温馨,不为自己,不自我,不自私, 不虚假。He is attention and credit seeking in his hidden character, so unlike our soft-spoken and humble PM Lee Hsien Loong.

  6. Thank you to our covid ministers team for managing this crisis well although the jab is a bit of worries to our health. Appreciate all the hard work your team did for Singaporeans. It's a bonus point in GE. But the GST is still not in favour.

  7. Lawrence Wong will be the next PM, but he is still a PAP Yes Man after all. He will still follow PM Lee's Policy and Party Whip or Chain, so he most probably is no different from the previous 3 PAP PMs. Thanks.

  8. URDU) پاکستان ملٹری کو دیکھ کر یہ اندازہ لگایا جنت میں جانے کیلئے نیک ھونا ضروری مسلم ھونا نی اور شہادت کے بھی درجے ھوتے

  9. URDU)قمر جاوید باجوہ مجھے لگتا جنت میں جانے کیلئے نیک ھونا ضروری مسلم ھونا نی اور شہادت کے بھی درجے ھوتے

  10. I will pray that God's Blessings be upon you everyday, Minister Lawrence Wong, as you serve humbly with your team to build Singapore. I am very happy to see that you have such GOOD qualities. May God be with you and bless your good work always.

  11. As long lhl is healthy, we should be safe that same as lky, he have the clout to stop lw if lw trying to do silly thing. By the time, lhl hav to really retire, lw would hav got sufficient mentoring to lead sg by himself.

  12. Can one be threathened with arrest for asking a simple , reasonable , relevant , healthy , good question in regard to what happens during and after hdb 99 yr lease ?

  13. @bell1980 you most probably support MR. Lawrence Wong and the PAP, which is a communistic like party or Socialistic political party. You can clean Mr Lawrence Wong boots and suck up to him and be a PAP Bootlicker.

  14. Amazingly Minsters Lawrence wrong Congratulations veryvery welldone 👍🏻😁i wish singapore everyone al👍🏻 wonderful ♥️ world's 🌏🇸🇬⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Not the first choice but the last, considering the lack of highly talented people with proven track record to succeed PM Lee, who learned everything from his father. It is the foresight that makes a great leader and popularity can be deceiving. After all, the position requires four dimensional talent from winning elections and the hearts of the people through delivering results, standing up to an increasingly complex International scene and keeping the right balance for the good of Singapore, establishing the blueprint for the future direction and development of Singapore, and the ability and commitment to stick to his guns when called for and be able to learn from mistakes to excel. Never take the easy way out by picking the hanging fruits first and be brave and courageous. Finally, listen to mentors but be able to challenge them to come up with the best decisions.

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