Ladies & Finance (தமிழ்)

Ladies & Finance (தமிழ்)
Women & Finance (தமிழ்)

Ladies & finance – With regards to monetary information, ladies can undoubtedly do lot higher to take away the hole between them and males. How can ladies assist themselves to develop their curiosity and information in finance is defined in Tamil with English subtitles.

00:00 Intro
01:15 Sensible Difficulties
01:28 Creating curiosity in finance
02:18 Ladies Wage Negotiation
04:21 A request to ladies
05:28 Creating curiosity in finance for youths
05:51 No time for monetary focus
06:27 Not getting likelihood to develop monetary information
07:21 Tricks to embody spouse in monetary selections
08:08 Wrap up

PayTm “The Divide”:

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The content material of this video is my very own opinions and is for data functions solely. It’s not supposed as an alternative to skilled monetary recommendation. It’s only supposed to offer training about investments.


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32 thoughts on “Ladies & Finance (தமிழ்)

  1. Sir, the efforts that you have put in this channel is a great motivation for youngsters like me. Your content has the potential to change societal values for good and bridge the gender gap. Keep going, Sir! These eye opener sessions are truly insightful.

  2. Vijay sir the insights you have shared in this video is simply outstanding. I hope this video is in trending list. Request all subscribers to share this with all their contacts, so every women gets benefitted.

  3. Sir, your videos have inspired me lot of times! I have started taking baby steps in stocks! You are truly motivating people like me who had zero ideas about investment! Please keep inspiring us! I’m big fan of your speech!

  4. I don't agree with you. I am more literate in finance than my husband and I deal with investment options in my house. Maybe this is true in India but I still don't believe it is true among IT graduates.

  5. Hello sir you are my inspiration,I got enlightened from your building wealth series only sir, I'm really grateful to you sir, as u said I'm motivating my co workers regarding financial knowledge sir thank you so much…

  6. I have a general question about mutual fund,switching. When expenses ratio increases. Shall we open same fund in another AMC.? Plz let us know. Thank you in advance

  7. Hi Vijay, thanks for another great episode ! Love your content and format, keep going !
    One request, please do an episode on the importance of creating will/trust to secure the investment and the families future. It will be great if you provide this info for both India and USA !
    Thanks again for all your wisdom 🙏

  8. We as a working professional just going good even in pandemic. But Indiala ennaku therinja family just 5L debit in business but veliya vara mudila eventhough they are double income family. Write off, settlement nu struggling. Extreme bad to expert aagavum videos pannunga sir. Many will be benefited especially after this pandemic.

  9. தலைவரே…. உங்க Video பார்க்க ஆரம்பிச்ச இரண்டாவது நாளே Zerodha ல account open பன்னி ஒரு 1000 investment also பன்னிட்டேன்.
    என் பொண்டாட்டி கிட்ட நீதான் Mcom வரைக்கும் படிச்சிருக்கியே, இதெல்லாம் கொஞ்சம் details study பன்னி சொல்லுப்பான்னு சொன்னேன். அதெல்லாம் Intrest இல்லைன்னு‌ ஒரே வார்த்தையில முடிச்சிகிட்டாங்க…. 🙃

  10. Hello sir i am silent reader of this group. Importance of financial knowledge I could understand after the death of my husband due to Covid. But I could manage to know finances, with help of your videos. Which is very clear and easy for a layman to understand. I have started teaching my daughter's about smaller concepts in finance as per your advice in your previous videos. Children are incredible to relate the financial concepts. I request all parents to do the same. So keep educating us with financial knowledge.

  11. Ipa tha new va it company la join pannirukean yaarulaam income tax file pannannu nama savings ah yepud IT file pannurathu neenga yepud psnningannu oru income tax filling series podunga.

    Waiting for this series😇

  12. Thank you for sparing your time to educate. Kindly let me know the camera and gears you use. The video is so sharp like your content.

  13. Such a wonderful video Sir. My husband always advises me to learn about all these. But I ignore his words. But will definitely learn from now on. Thank you Sir

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