Introduction to Company Finance – FREE Course

Introduction to Company Finance – FREE Course
Introduction to Corporate Finance - FREE Course

Introduction to Company finance – FREE Course | Company finance Institute

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Our Intro to Company finance Course will educate you who the important thing gamers within the capital markets are, what the capital elevating course of appears to be like like, the primary enterprise valuation strategies, kinds of valuation multiples, easy methods to construction an M&A deal, easy methods to finance an acquisition, kinds of fairness securities, and an summary of profession paths in addition to easy methods to put together for interviews.


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48 thoughts on “Introduction to Company Finance – FREE Course

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  2. Hello… CFI customer service response time is very slow. It takes 24hours to respond and only one response in a day. Appreciate your support to fix it and get the prompt responses so that candidates can enroll the courses without any delay.

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  4. Subject: Finance

    Topic: 4 topics; 2(ab) to 3(ABC) questions per topic; 3 pages max per question

    Paper details:

    1-Corporate Governance (Core 1999; Ikenberry 1993; Schleifer 1997; Wharton 2001)

    1a-Do you think that initiatives sponsored by shareholder activists are generally in the firm's best interests…Explain why or why not?

    1b-Differentiate between the role of a strong Board of Directors and a weak Board of Directors with respect to

    executive selection and retention
    executive compensation. Cite the evidence relating to the role that the Board plays in each issue above and the impact it has on firm value.

    2-Capital (Admati 1994; Bradford 1997; Gompers 1999; Myers 2000)

    2a-What mechanisms are brought to bear to mitigate principal-agent problems and information asymmetry problems in venture capital and private equity…and how effective are these mechanisms?

    2b-Discuss the benefits and costs of going public, as reflected in the research.

    3-Mergers and Acquisitions (Aggrawal 1992; Asquith 1983; *Haleblian 2009; Jensen 1986)

    3a-Identify the essential conclusion from Aggrawal, Asquith, and Jensen; and indicate how these conclusions can be reconciled with one another.

    3b-Are these findings consistent with the efficient market hypothesis…explain?

    3c-Are these findings consistent with agency theory…explain?

    4-Financial Distress and Restructuring (DeAngelo 1990; Dial 1995; Espahbodi 2000; Michael 1995; Miller 1961; Modigliani 1958; Ofek 1993)

    4a-Previous research has documented a generally negative market response to seasoned equity issues, yet the market responds positively to an announcement of equity carve-outs and spinoffs. Develop and explain a hypothesis to explain this seeming contradiction.

    4b-Compare and contrast the General Dynamics experience with downsizing with those observed by Espahbodi, John, and Vasudevan (2000). Reconcile any differences. 4c-According to the evidence, how do dividend-paying firms alter dividends in response to financial distress; and reconcile these actions with: (i) agency theory (ii) signaling and asymmetric information (iii) Miller and Modigliani (1961).

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  9. I like the course overall but I'd appreciate less jargon, or an explanation of that jargon. For example, it was assumed that I would know what an IPO was and what 'flotation' means. It took me out of the course to have to google several things to understand what it was referring to.

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