37 thoughts on “DO YOU WANT ME TO NFT AMC?

  1. Don't do it Lou, the game played by the Hedges and Adam Aron is to keep people stuck in this play and keep making money off them and blead dry the apes that saved AMC. Thanks anyway

  2. I am contemplating between holding AMC or selling before earnings. I know you are super bullish on AMC long term, do you still think as a long term investor it would be smart to sell if there is a large run up to earnings?

  3. 🤣🤣🤣 this fool is DYING to be relevant! “Im not into making videos like i did for 2 years telling every HoDl, ITS COMMING!”😆😆 i knew you were scamming those poor people before, and youre still trying to keep the con going…🤦🏻

  4. Long Time with out commenting, Brother. Hope all is well. Kick that migraine in the dick and get well. Red Wine, Dark Chocolate, and a Spicy Little Senorita should do the trick! Regarding the AMC/NFT registration – I bet you "our family" owns enough shares to extrapolate a count estimate, at the very least. Let's do it and see what happens. Do you have a Quant that will work on this?

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