SURVIVING on ₹7520 as a Software program Engineer | Repair Your Finance Ep 9

SURVIVING on ₹7520 as a Software program Engineer | Repair Your Finance Ep 9
SURVIVING on ₹7520 as a Software Engineer | Fix Your Finance Ep 9

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Hey guys, in at this time’s video we meet Vineet, a 28-year-old python developer who earns a wage of Rs. 29,500 residing in Bangalore. We talk about his bank card debt, private loans, investments and new potential earnings streams.

Hope you just like the video! 🙂

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Anshuman Sharma

42 thoughts on “SURVIVING on ₹7520 as a Software program Engineer | Repair Your Finance Ep 9

  1. This is a gem of a video, we need more such videos, earning 1.5L/month and saving 20K is easy but to live life on such a tight budget takes next level discipline. My salute to this guy for switching from bpo to python developer.

  2. "A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done." —Vince Lombardi

  3. This video is of real people, not those earning over 1lakh a month. Those earning over 1 lakh a month and still struggling doesn't make any sense at all. 1 lakh a month is a shitload of money.

  4. Very real episode.. I mean most of us could relate and i wish all the best to the guy and also anshuman for up ing the video

  5. Thnks bhaiya, itna episods ke bad kuch aysa dekhneko mila jisse khudko relate kar paya. Please do more of such episods jaha hum jayse logo ko kuch idea mile jo around 20-30k kamate hay.
    And all the best to this guy and wishing him a alot of success ♥

  6. Thoda nahi bhai
    bhot problematic hai
    ek chai ki tapri kholna in his hometown sounds like a better financial job for him
    it's insane how people don't understand the value of their time

  7. You should never choose a job which you are passionate about but exploitive and never choose a job which pays you but doesn't you skill up.

    Second apni level salry se double rakho. Skill youself. Make your own projects, create your own hurdles. Company banake nhi dene wali. Learn things company will never teach. Eg millions of requests in microseconds, real time data work. Or it's easy to make a website, start working on a CLI project youself. When you do this youself you will end up being at a larger place with enough money to save and spend.

    You don't need to keep adjusting your saving and spendings. What you need is keep pushing youself ahead.

    Microsoft makes windows not because it is a big company. It is big because it's hunger is big and passion is bigger. Have you seen an Indian company did that? Kyu ki na bhook bada hai na passion.

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