Florida embraces inflow of Wall Avenue corporations, tech firms

Florida embraces inflow of Wall Avenue corporations, tech firms
Florida embraces influx of Wall Street firms, tech companies

As US states like California and New York proceed to battle COVID-19, a big migration is underneath manner.
Wall Avenue corporations, know-how firms and the rich are leaving these states in droves, and choosing locations comparable to Florida the place the climate is hotter and taxes are decrease.
And as Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher stories, Florida is embracing the transfer.

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14 thoughts on “Florida embraces inflow of Wall Avenue corporations, tech firms

  1. Yes covid-19. I think he means poor governance in California and New York. Statistically Florida have the highest covid-19 counts according to the liberal media yet people are still moving there in droves.

  2. I’m all for the move from NY but if they are not careful it will be a bigger Haven for the rich than it already is. The working class is very important to culture and a city but they are overlooked.

  3. If the humidity doesn't get them, the annual hurricane season will. They didn't gain anything. All they did is trade one set of problems for a new set of problems.

  4. I'm from NY I worked in NYC and PALM BEACH. I know that Florida was beautiful before the migration. Now it will be a far cry from Orange Groves. The new Gentrification effect will help Miami politicians and businesses. But working class WILL SUFFER. At least if it is anything like NY.

    We should ask why do cities and states not produce the best product (born/educated) of citizens. Why must they always import/export?

    PS – $3 WATER AND $20 LUNCH will be the norm

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