Can Silver Drop Additional? Chaos At The Comex Defined 🚨 – No person Particular Finance

Can Silver Drop Additional? Chaos At The Comex Defined 🚨 – No person Particular Finance
Can Silver Drop Further? Chaos At The Comex Explained 🚨 - Nobody Special Finance

Jack Gamble, from the YouTube Channel No person Particular Finance, joins us at this time to debate the big Comex Silver withdrawals. He has a concept on why that is taking place and what may occur to the value of Silver within the brief time period.
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37 thoughts on “Can Silver Drop Additional? Chaos At The Comex Defined 🚨 – No person Particular Finance

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  2. No "Ore" is shipped to refineries in Europe! It's refined local or on site of the mines. Gold and silver are shipped for Purifying in small batches on pallets at 99% purity and chemically purified with a small electroplating cycle to make 99.999 purity blanks. It's than minted to finish product. Most of the time it arrives in Europe as 99.999 blanks, ready for remelt into bars and blanks. Energy usage in continental Europe for these processes are not as intense and it's more about artisanal looks for resale.

  3. Paper silver (SLV = $17.50) is now at 50% of real silver if you want to buy 1 Oz American Silver Eagles at $35.17 on 10-2-22 at 4:24 eastern time PM. There may be no silver available very soon

  4. If you owned a silver mining company, would you sell to Comex? I wouldn't. I don't think most silver mining companies do. Instead they make deals directly with silver users. What benefit would a silver miner gain from selling at spot to Comex?

  5. Anyone have any information on the number of industrial sized greenhouses in Europe and how they are heated during the winter??
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  6. Base metal smelters,m are closing all over Europe due to energy price making these smelters operation uneconomic. Perhaps 80% of silver supply is as byproduct of base metal production. Potentially precious metal refineries won't even have silver to refine since base metal concentrates are not being smelted by European smelters. For example, silver is often found as byproduct of zinc and smelting zinc is very energy intensive.

  7. Now, for the question du jour. How could things change with energy, electricity, natural gas, gold and silver and inflation, if the Republicans win the House in November ?

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