Wall Road doesn’t need to let go of Tesla inventory, says Jim Cramer

Wall Road doesn’t need to let go of Tesla inventory, says Jim Cramer
Wall Street does not want to let go of Tesla stock, says Jim Cramer

‘Mad Cash’ host Jim Cramer and the ‘Squawk on the Road’ crew talk about shares of Tesla after the corporate reported disappointing third-quarter supply figures. For entry to stay and unique video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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43 thoughts on “Wall Road doesn’t need to let go of Tesla inventory, says Jim Cramer

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  11. I don't get it. Nothing in the reports says tesla's stocks needs to be sold. The business is there, they are just having issues delivering the vehicles due totransportation. So why are people selling like crazy?

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  16. It is so clear that the negative bias toward Tesla is rooted in the unveiled "wokeness" of CNBC whose parent is the rabidly liberal MSNBC. The next thing will be the low ESG score of Tesla compared to the unionized legacy automakers. For all of it's diversity championed by Mary Barra, GM sales continue to decline year over year. Can someone explain that?

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