1. THE MAGIC of GM,
    the science/math of
    GEOMETRIC MEANS, against hearsay, FUD that there is not enough money for huge shareprices, bashing and other fear tacticts!
    GM calcs the average price of all shares: 1. the way up/down 2. Peak the math of GM roughly equades to about 1,51% of Peakprice!
    40K/PEAKprice, 1.51% = GM 604$
    do your own MATH:
    GM 604$ times all outst. shares (say 2 billion) = money needed for whole MOASS
    for 100K/PEAK 1,51% = GM 1.510.00 x 2 bill
    I am completely out, until 4-5 billion beeing covered.

  2. What you do not know about Lou..My name is Amanda and I live near Lou.. pretty close. I don’t really know him that well but there are several women in the neighborhood who know how much of a freak he is. He uses a lot of his YouTube money to pay us to make love to our feet. He really is the real Transmorpidite (not sure how to spell). Hi Lou 😮

  3. Btw. No offense but you look like Vin Diesel’s brother on loan! Lol. Just fucking with you Lou! 😂 look forward to meeting you one day at the end of all this!

  4. APE is a 1 for 1 dividend! The Billions of Synthetic Naked shares have been lowering the price of the stock. AA will Releases more APE Into the market soon. Shares will be swooped up To cover our IOU and to close Short positions. APE will Run up 1st and then get converted to AMC. We will then MOASS.

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