LIVE: Treasury Secretary Yellen ship remarks on the worldwide financial system

LIVE: Treasury Secretary Yellen ship remarks on the worldwide financial system
LIVE: Treasury Secretary Yellen deliver remarks on the global economy

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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen delivers remarks on ‘key challenges going through the worldwide financial system’.

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24 thoughts on “LIVE: Treasury Secretary Yellen ship remarks on the worldwide financial system

  1. Janet Baby, you do know about Victoria Nulands War that began in 2014?
    How the hell can you claim Kyiv is peaceful when they used up $5 billion worth of NATO supplied weapons killing people in Donbas over the last 8 years?
    Lying like Condi Rice will not get ya into Hebbin……

  2. The arrogance of this women! The authority she is convinced she has is gross and scary at the same time. She wnats to do more, not knowing all she has done up this point, has contributed to the problems she claims we must tackle now, using her play book. WAke the F UP.

  3. You know if Trump was President, none of the current problems would be happening. The Democrats are hiring 87,000 IRS agents to bleed the workingman instead of funding school safety. A new programable Federal digital currency (FedNow) is coming out mid 2023 to get rid of cash. The Democrats want to control everything. NEVER EVER VOTE todays DEMOCRAT!

  4. People around the world are paying the price for her mistakes. Calling the inflation transitory and printing money, making money from Bitcoin while those who rely on wages are getting crushed.

  5. Who gave you the task to rule the world economy? I doubt Russia and China agree. You are going to cause WWIII that is why Putin has started a war in Ukraine. You are over extending your reach. This is NOT a high school game of power over your class mates.

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