The Wolf of Wall Avenue Clip 1: Danny Meets the Wolf HD

The Wolf of Wall Avenue Clip 1: Danny Meets the Wolf HD
The Wolf of Wall Street Clip 1: Danny Meets the Wolf HD

1st Clip: Danny Porush meets the Wolf, from the upcoming film “The Wolf of Wall Avenue” (TWOWS).
Danny Porush sees the Wolf drive up in his basic yellow Jaguar convertible and approaches him to ask of his way of life. Porush finds out that the Wolf makes $72 THOUSAND PER MONTH, and instantly quits his job.

JORDAN BELFORT performed by ACTOR: Leonardo DiCaprio
DANNY PORUSH renamed “Donnie Azoff;” ACTOR: Jonah Hill

88JUN The Wolf is on high of the world, turning into the highest vendor in his first week there on the Buyers Middle brokerage.
Porush is working a couple of failing companies and is on the lookout for a brand new revenue supply.
Porush’s son Jonathon will get damage within the apartment play space and the Wolf comes to assist.
Danny Porush and the Wolf meet and kind a friendship.

SCENE REALITY: Porush and the Wolf met at Bay Membership Residences (the place they lived) within the youngsters’s play space, not on the fictional “Kacandes Diner” Greek restaurant.

The outside scenes with the Jaguar had been filmed at at Shalimar Diner in Flushing, Queens, NY, on 22DEC2012.

“Bang! Bang!” by “Joe Cuba”

The Wolf of Wall Avenue TWOWS film:
Based mostly on lifetime of Jordan Belfort
DIRECTED by Martin Scorcese.
STARS Leonardo DiCaprio, with Matthew McConaughey, Jon Favreau, Ethan Suplee, and Spike Jonze. With Rob Reiner and Joanna Lumley.
PREMIERE DATE: NOW due out Christmas Day, December 25, 2013

Footage of the true persons are within the vids on this Playlist. Test it out to see on-set vids of the film, and real-life details about the occasions!

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Comp Guy

33 thoughts on “The Wolf of Wall Avenue Clip 1: Danny Meets the Wolf HD

  1. Am i the only one to notice the multiple continuity errors? Especially with the cutaway shots during the dialogue of him staring at the cup, camera angle two he's facing Danny. When he says "made 72k last month" it cuts back to angle 1 and he doesn't finish his line, he's chewing his breakfast. Maybe this was done purpose because t's only this scene where the sloppy cuts happen.

  2. First Brad Pitt in Moneyball, now Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street… Jona Hill's got them all, right?! Well he's a genius in what he does! It took me a wile to see it, but nobody else can play these type of characters the way he does it! Good job Sir, go on like this!

  3. Comp Guy, where can I find the full Piers Morgan interview with Jordan from last month? I can only find a 12 minute clip on youtube. I know if anyone can find it, it's you!

  4. I hope I'll be the next wolf of Wall Street. I'm going to penn state next year for economics and after that my goal is to become a stock broker on Wall Street. After seeing this movie I knew what I wanted to do with my life

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