1. I've grown to hate Adam Aaron. I'm not sure if I've always hated him or grew to hate him but this I know, he robbed my AMC holding account of almost $10k when he rewarded me with the "dividend," and even more with the drop in APE price and all of the halts so I couldn't sell. I knew he was always corrupt when he opened his mouth with a smug smile. There was something about him that I wanted to slap. I wasn't in this play to save his company. I was in it for the money. All I know is that I haven't felt this jazzed in over a year and a half being in GTII. The relationship with AMC was toxic. It's so good to feel this way again about being in the stock market. I haven't made any real money since early 2020 before the stupid lockdown. Let's go.

  2. I haven’t even looked at the OTC. I’ve been really sick, kids sick (seemed like COVID but tested negative), even our old pet got sick & we had to put her down😪. Thus, I am way way way behind. Know nada about this GTII. But I am back now & will kick ass on memes. I will make millions (trying to make that “LAW OF ATTRACTION” work aka positive thoughts lol 😆🤷‍♀️). I still listen to a handful of YouTubers but jeez, I wish you wouldn’t swear in front of small children n old ladies. I was strict w my kids! They thought “CRAP‼️” was a swear word😆‼️

  3. From now on Lou, with the new fkn plays, can you let us know more than a few days before the situation pops off? Some of us don't have brokers that do OTC, so it takes days, even up to a week to get another broker that does. Also we got money tied up in other plays, for funds to settle it can take 2 days , 3 days including the transfer. Telling us the day before doesn't really do sheeit for us. It's like "oh sry about amc and all, but here's some plays you cant invest in, that'll make up for it "
    So it's like.. "Not really, my man. Doesn't make up for sheeit"
    As much as I love the idea of buying the top of gtii I don't really feel like donating more money to wall street this year than is needed.

  4. I don't this Lou understand how special the GTII squeeze will be. The GTII squeeze is 2 years in the making. It's truly a unique situation. The Kramers are going down. They are the only main short in this play. When it hits $500 then LAMBO.

  5. You start the video about negative AMC stuff and then you roll into, GTII is going to hit massive spikes. Please mf, you led everyone down this path so if you believe that people should sell now at a loss, you are despicable. You are a scumbag who can't stand up an fight wallstreet. You talked a big game but now you show how much of a coward you are. If you truly believe what you have been selling us about billions of fake shares, you wouldn't be going anywhere because even with all the trickery in the world it would be impossible for them to cover. And if they try doing that with corruption and manipulation and all you do is make excuses, you are not a fighter at all, are you?

  6. No, i got something better. I got worthless nft ape s*th token and a dividend that took my money away. AA je**sh bas**rd is with the hedgies.

  7. This loser is still trying to get people to sell AMC and APE. He works for the hedgies that are shorting AMC! He works for the hedgies, how many times do people have to tell you not to listen to the guy that was hired to get you to sell. Listen to him begging you to sell. He is begging “please , please , please sell your shares”

  8. Can you tell us in your next video for the sake of the fam that is still in AMC if you are still in the play? Or just done talking about amc and parked the play??

  9. Popcorn turned out to be a real POS….he represents all that is evil on wall street. I hope all these young "APE's" are starting to wake up. Many of them got in because of what happened in 2008 and they believed they were hodling to fight a corrupt wall street….turned out those of us that hodled got played by popcorn. Popcorn literally stole half of our money in a sneaky scheme to create billions out of thin air…this was some high level fugazi type shit. As Lou says AMC should still have a run, but this a great lesson to never let your money fall asleep. Those saying the OTC is risky…are the same people that have witnessed synthetics, manipulation, ladder trading, naked shorts, sec violations on top of sec violations, just in this amc play alone.."but the OTC is risky". Many of these young guys are very smart and appear to be great guy's.. the younger guys do not appreciate Lou's sense of humor. Sadly some of these folks have turned amc into a religious cause….and as history has showed, all that does is enrich popcorn and his ilke. If APE was so great, why not have a vote with todays shareholders…not 2013 shareholders.

  10. Why didn't you report on FINRA having listed AMC at 142K? That happened just two days ago. Or what about how "Tremendous blog" talked about the outrageous (their words) number of FTD's in August that exceeded the entire daily volume, they also stated verbatim that "The SEC MUST investigate what's going on in AMC and APE shares. Until they do, it's hard to believe the prices we see are REAL". That's directly quoted from the article an was just posted yesterday on September 30th, but instead you posted an article from March 2021. Why is it that you ignore recent POSITIVE news on AMC but instead post outdated articles that you use out of context by not posting the date?

  11. Gtii. Yeah, no thanks. I'm good with not being shafted in OTC. This is worse than the guys shilling penny stocks. You can't even get out quick if it goes against you, which I suspect will happen to 98 percent of the poor folks that get in this play.

  12. They cancelled LICN again IPO Friday. So bought in FNGR and added to GTII that I have held over a year now. I thought Popcorn would do for AMC what the owner of GTII did to expose the shorts instead he did this APE garbage Should learn from that pissed off Dago that wanted to know who was fucking with him and got everyone's help a year ago. Everyone knows now who it is.

  13. Hey Lou
    Can you take a look at ILUS ?
    It’s at 9 cents

    it’s a real company with great leadership and amazing CEO.

    Company is buying back shares
    Fire 🔥 and Safety company with multiple divisions.

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