Amid Excessive Inflation, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Declares a 0.75 P.c Fee Rise | WSJ

Amid Excessive Inflation, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Declares a 0.75 P.c Fee Rise | WSJ
Amid High Inflation, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Announces a 0.75 Percent Rate Rise | WSJ

Watch reside protection of a information convention with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

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25 thoughts on “Amid Excessive Inflation, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Declares a 0.75 P.c Fee Rise | WSJ

  1. I'm a WSJ markets reporter and I did a deep dive into the Fed's decision and Powell’s speech to explain what could be coming for stocks, bonds, the dollar and the economy.

    The Fed's inflation outlook may be a bit too rosy. If you want more analysis about the real takeaways from this speech, I break it down in detail here:

  2. Mr. Jerome Powell,

    We want a FULL audit of The United States money that has been allocated to The Ukrainian War. The Biden Administration needs to answer some SERIOUS questions about how they spent $1.5 trillion in 8 months only to lose 4 strategic territories 8 years after they lost Crimea.

    ישוע המשיח

  3. If Powell has any integrity, he will fix the tremendous inflation problem he and the FOMC (along with Fiscal policy of an enormously fiscally irresponsible Biden Administration and congress) have created. And then, he will resign before serving the remainder of his term allowing a new voice at the Fed untainted by the huge credibility deficit created under his leadership. A fresh start without the overhanging cliff of failure.

  4. There goes my retirement… oh but milk is going to be 15 cents cheaper now that weren’t in a recession. Guess that makes up for it. What a joke and worst policy error in U.S history.

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