A Monetary Disaster Like No Different!

A Monetary Disaster Like No Different!
A Financial Crisis Like No Other!

Rumors are circulating that Credit score Suisse is on the point of failure and a few are speculating that Tender Financial institution and Deutsche Financial institution are shut behind. Many analysts and commentators have begun to invest that one other financial institution bailout is imminent particularly after the Financial institution of England stepped in final week to avoid wasting the UK Pension System. However that is no odd monetary disaster and one other spherical of financial institution bailouts may imply one thing far worse. Now central banks are confronted with an unimaginable alternative.

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45 thoughts on “A Monetary Disaster Like No Different!

  1. Hello mate,

    Good show.

    Speak more slowly, you will come over much better, relax.

    Talking too quickly is a common mistake by youtubers, really.

    People need time to asborb each point. Pause. Breath.


  2. The only problem with this video is that you are singing to the choir ! The folks that really need to hear this never will and if you copy and paste and forward it they will tune it out , the cognitive dissonance is just too much for them and they will turn on a home remolding show on the T.V. or watch TikTok on their phone !

  3. They'll fix it by crashing it by bailing in all the middle-class savings (stealing it) launch digital global currency you'll own nothing and be happy because you'll be programmed too be hapoy by 5g and the grathene oxide nanoparticles you've all been injected with! Thats how?

  4. CS' LCR is something like 190%. The CDS spread increase is a problem for ongoing financing, makes it much more expensive, but the risk of default in the short term is just not there. They will announce their restructure plans in October, and a lot of the uncertainty and speculation should die down.
    This was an excellent video, with well researched and sensical content. I am now a subscriber.

  5. Inflation is driven by business. THAT'S where the problem is. It's businesses sucking up whatever extra money they can, not people throwing more money after the same goods because the vast bulk of people didn't see fuck all, and certainly not to the tune of 91 trillion, or even 1 percent of that.

    This argument is distractionary and completely lop-sided. BUSINESS is driving inflation, and using a bunch of bullshit to cover for it. They're even fucking bragging about it in their corporate AGM's.

    Look deeper – this is rubbish. Global corporations (who also have parasitic operatives infesting government beyond imagination) have declared war on the public because we're done with being fucked by them for life, as basically every major election of the last few years has shown.

    They're pre-emptively striking against the public. The people are no longer interested in being enslaved by capitalism until they die, because they're kept struggling for life or die while struggling in a system designed to fuck them for the entirety of their whole meager existence. This is simply about them consolidating power via the dollar and by manipulating the markets wiping trillions of dollars in value which is designed to force debt calls, which will mostly just impoverish huge swaths of those same people the world over, but it will hand everything to the few creditors who've fucked the system from the very beginning. The aim is for the corporate overlords to bring the fed up public to heel by economic force, because we're done with their shit politically and we vastly outnumber them.

    We have seen shit like this – it's exactly what happens in our economic system which is only designed to give the ILLUSION of freedom. It's a modern version of the French revolution. Oh – and I think we all know what's coming. It's been coming for a long while now. The only real issue is when the fireworks start, because the sociopathic fuckheads behind it all have also spent fortunes on arming themselves to finish the job, and they have a long and storied history of not letting their "toys" go to waste, and they also learned their lesson during the very same French revolution.

    Without sensible redistribution, there will be blood.

    As they've already proven, we all know that these fucking ghouls are NEVER going to be satisfied, and they're NEVER going to see the value of humanity while all they see is the profit in exploiting it.

  6. IOT get a new equilibrium the population can be reduced – Less wealth distributed on less people
    They are going for this option behind the scenes

  7. I wanted to criticise you when you were still explaining the subject… until you motivated your statements and you're correct on most parts. The agreed principle within the EU is to not revert to bail out but use a bail in as happened in Cyprus. Savings above 100 000 EUR can be transferred into (worthless) shares.

  8. I had paid my last mortgage in 2018….and be cash position since…
    First signal was sept 2019 with the repo market at 10%……rest is history
    I love chaos……..and well prepared for what's coming
    I expect 5% and more at the end of this years……

    I never look back in the past….each time is different….I look thru my manufacturing facility numbers….it is very clear…..
    We are at the end of the economics cycle…and it will be a biggy

  9. Ive been investing with Dirk Bigalow, Dirk plays a very long hard game and the returns are impressive. So dont be left feeling you have been rode silly with your pants down and call Dirk Bigalow financial services and you will recieve a big surprise.

  10. A brilliant analysis. A new world economy will be devised. We will go back to a regulated world economy. Speculation and non payment of taxes will be illegal. Stock markets will be strictly regulated to reflect the income and real asset values of companies. Redistribution of profits to workers will be mandatory . The new economy will be based on caring for the environment reducing waste and leas materialism. A caring society.

  11. Credit Suisse will be fine, because it's too big (and too embarrassing) to fail, so the Swiss government will bail it out. Otherwise should Credit Suisse collapse, all the corrupt dictators, mass murderers and oligarchs would no longer trust the Swiss to stash away their loot, and the Swiss will have to all go back to milking cows and herding goats again. The Swiss government will never let that happen.

  12. My greatest concern is how to recover from all this economic and global inflation and stay afloat, especially with the political power tussle going on in the US🇺🇸.

  13. very useful video thank you, as I understand it (What Ray Dalio says) we are in deleveraging of the long debt cicle, in the economic machine by Ray Dalio. It happened in the 30s in the US

  14. the Government is already buying up treasury bonds and so paying itself interest is no big deal. Also if people are in credit card debt and default because interest rates go so high they cannot pay it then they file for bankruptcy, so what. Raise interest rates and kill inflation.

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