Wall Road Week – Full Present 09/30/2022

Wall Road Week – Full Present 09/30/2022
Wall Street Week - Full Show 09/30/2022

On this version of Wall Road Week, David Bianco, DWS Americas CIO and Lori Calvasina, RBC Capital Markets Head of US Fairness Technique wrap up per week within the markets the place US shares suffered their worst month-to-month rout since March 2020. Jose Minaya, Nuveen CEO talks about be ready for extra volatility and Former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers weighs in on Japan, UK financial coverage and extra.
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11 thoughts on “Wall Road Week – Full Present 09/30/2022

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  4. 40:48 anyone here think larry is right that FED policy is NOT restrictive yet with market and liquidity so tight its near if not already at crisis level? If larry was head of the fed he would have stopped QE earlier that is true, but he would also risked an early fall back into recession after the massive depression like slow down in 2020.

  5. World currencies dropping like rock
    U S dollar buys far more less today than it did 6 months ago.
    Saying the U S dollar is strong is like comparing a man shot in both legs to a man that has no legs
    Utterly ridiculous!!

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