Wall Road Hedge Funds Battle of Curiosity Between Banks and Oversight Committee

Wall Road Hedge Funds Battle of Curiosity Between Banks and Oversight Committee
Wall Street Hedge Funds Conflict of Interest Between Banks and Oversight Committee

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Wall Road Hedge Funds Battle of Curiosity Between Banks and Oversight Committee
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There may be an apparent battle of curiosity between the Wall Road Banks, Hedgefunds, Market Makers, and the oversight committee of Congress. AMC Apes, GME Apes, and retail buyers alike have been attempting to combat towards the blatant corruption within the inventory market to make it a extra free, and genuine market.

It is a video explaining simply how “buddy buddy” the banks are and the individuals who oversee them.

Do you suppose the inventory market will crash or we’ll proceed to carry the shares lows?

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23 thoughts on “Wall Road Hedge Funds Battle of Curiosity Between Banks and Oversight Committee

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  3. Were all being robbed by these financial terrorists colluding with each other to commit financial corporate crimes. They own the news and government so we are always dumb, divided and distracted while they rob trillions of dollars from taxpayers and retail investors.

  4. “He’s not confessing, he’s bragging”
    Are we surprised? They’ve redefined recession, changed rules to continue to allow hedge funds to commit crime daily, then parade a bunch of corrupt CEO’s from the banks in front of congress for a dog & pony show. Time & patience. They’re running out of both

  5. Wall street owns the politicians the media the sec the DTCC it's all to protect the ponzi scheme that is wall street
    How else do you think the 1% are billionaires when they've never done a dsys work in their lives?
    It's called crime but congress legalises this theft & why all politicians are insider trading & multi millionaires on a public salary
    The whole system is corrupt & nothing will change til the 99% or us take down this cess pit

  6. wow.. Great Job Congress.. Great Job America… How proud we should all be of our accomplishments..
    Anyone else need to be patted on the back.. ?
    How long can a country last without justice?

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