Nour Trades from Wall Avenue, To full time Choices Day Dealer

Nour Trades from Wall Avenue, To full time Choices Day Dealer
Nour Trades from Wall Street, To full time Options Day Trader





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49 thoughts on “Nour Trades from Wall Avenue, To full time Choices Day Dealer

  1. This interview is so inspiring for many viewers to view and get an understanding of how attainable this day trading is. im thankful for your the position your in where you can show regular people can achieve this without having nothing

  2. If you are a trader i personally feel like you have to be with someone who is extremely understanding and he/she must be 100% behind you, and they mustn't put pressure on you because both those things [love and trading] need time.

  3. Brooo the guy at the summit the one following raul around in a level up shirt , he was in your workout video in the garage and he wears glasses. He has my photos of me you and raul on his phone , he never sent them bro . Those photos are legendary man lol . Can you see if he still has them to send to me.
    Also another great podcast by the way!!!!

  4. Fire podcast. Really gave some good insight on how to pick ppl to grow with. Finding ppl that don’t fold under pressure and have integrity is a tough thing to do. But when you find that person that is honest and genuine,it’s somebody you have to get and keep. Also Alex your great interviewer! You ask some of the best questions and allow the person your talking to elaborate on things that were challenging or even wins they have had. It’s definitely eye opening 🙏🏽🔊‼️💎💯

  5. This kid was expose to lying and making believe people that he was trading live he got expose in the LAHWR thats the channel he got expose lying becareful do your research people. Really wouldnt know if he change his ways but GOD dont like ugly

  6. This guy has legit been exposed for copying trades from other mentorships onto his own, was too lazy to remove the watermark from the fucken screenshot he took

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