How China’s Army Drills Might Choke Off Taiwan’s Web | WSJ

How China’s Army Drills Might Choke Off Taiwan’s Web | WSJ
How China’s Military Drills Could Choke Off Taiwan’s Internet | WSJ

Taiwan’s web depends on undersea cables that additionally join a lot of Asia to the net, however tensions with Beijing have raised issues in regards to the community’s vulnerability. WSJ maps out how China might restrict the island’s communications, and the way Taipei is making ready.

Illustration: Adam Adada

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49 thoughts on “How China’s Army Drills Might Choke Off Taiwan’s Web | WSJ

  1. No doubt that there will be no internet and no electric power in war time between china and taiwan, not like Ukrain leader still can take his performance at home today. Russian is suck.

  2. This report is very much a one-sided story. You forget Taiwan must have countermeasures to defend their own internet security that will subject China to huge financial costs and even risking its own national security. Not to mention allies like Japan and the US won't just stand by watching once a war indeed breaks. Taiwan's guided missiles that can attack the Three Gorge Dams and attack targets as far as Beijing are just some examples. Surely Taiwan Defense ministry won't disclose that information to the public. The Three Gorge Dams straddling on the upper stream of the YZ river is a falsely engineered infrastructure that is very vulnerable to missile attacks. There've been devastating floods each year along the YZ river and flooding is just getting worse each year to affect the most important economic regions in China down the river. Think about how people predicted Ukraine to be completely fallen within a few days but now Russian is trapped in a quagmire instead.

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    ( the guess is,  some  RNA / DNA manipulation  about the future aussie-scottish-byzantine crown of Denmark, as well as danish Crown married itself into chinese-austrian-french-syrian-gypsy-india's  bloodlineages in order to reign in the future ).

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  5. Surely it is much easier if you simply stop yourselves arming with US missiles. Take the US path and you become a target, where if you just tried to get on with your local neighbours a bit better it would all work out. Don't let your country become a US military base to attack China's mainland. Don't let yourselves end up like the Ukrainians.

  6. In another news report, it talked about the US' & Canada's warships were sailing in the Taiwan Strait. This is funny! When the PLA was conducting live firing exercise recently, no US & its gang's ships DARE to sail nearby. In fact one US carrier task force was only watching but a thousand km away in Philippines. What a bunch of jokers!

  7. Taiwan's exports to China account for 43% of its GDP. If China's economic blockade is not replaced by any country, Taiwan's economy will collapse in an instant, and it has nothing to do with submarine cables.

  8. Not that it would come anywhere close to replacing the fat fiber lines, but at least for some very critical government, military, and infrastructure connectivity, in the event China decides to sever cables, the government in Taipei should talk to Starlink. They would be happy to help, I'm sure.

  9. Only 22% of Taiwanese support the current anti-China government of Taiwan now, fact. So, there won't be war between China and Taiwan and no worry about these internet cables. China doesn't just see Taiwan as China's terrority, but the entire world recognize Taiwan as part of China, including the USA. I bet unlike the Ukrainians, the people in Taiwan will remove their President if she is the reason for China to use force on Taiwan. Taiwan is not Ukraine, and the people in Taiwan are not Ukrainans, so treating Taiwan like Ukraine is like treating the pineapple as a mango.

  10. None of this would have happened if Pelosi hadn't gone to Taiwan to provoke China. After the U.S. government successfully incited NATO’s continuous eastward expansion, which angered Russia and made the whole world suffer, it began to try to anger China again.

  11. simpletons think SpaceX.. Starlink.. Who runs those companies? Tesla…. what happens when you go against China? You lose your entire market share. Use your brains. Musk hasn't said a single thing about the China/Taiwan dispute for a reason.

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