Wall Road Banker Slips Up & Exposes Company Stance On Local weather Change

Wall Road Banker Slips Up & Exposes Company Stance On Local weather Change
Wall Street Banker Slips Up & Exposes Corporate Stance On Climate Change

A banking government is in scorching water for saying that no person cares if Miami is underwater in 50 years attributable to local weather change. Mike Papantonio & Farron Cousins focus on extra.

hyperlink – https://www.forbes.com/websites/davidrvetter/2022/05/20/who-cares-if-miami-is-6-meters-underwater-in-100-years-hsbc-executives-incendiary-climate-comments/?sh=491089f3590a

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A banking government is in scorching water for saying that no person cares if Miami is underwater in 50 years attributable to local weather change, he actually actually stated that. One of many HSBC who, oh, by the way in which, are criminals that admitted that they have been criminals. Admitted that they have been washing cash for terrorists, washing cash for drug cartels, admitting that they knew their washing cash was going to kill Individuals, troopers, contractors, not simply Individuals, however individuals all around the world. Admitted that they knew that. Admitted that they made 100 billion doing it. After which they have been solely fined $1.6 billion. They made 100 billion, did I say million? 100 billion {dollars}. So these are the identical individuals. Inform us the story about this cat, stands up and says this.
Yeah, you’ve got obtained Stuart Kirk, who is definitely the pinnacle of accountable funding, I imply, accountable funding. He goes to this convention and he stands up and he says, pay attention, no person cares if Miami’s gonna be below six meters of water 100 years from now, and even 50 years from now, you understand, in order that should not have an effect on any of your investments. And what he did, not simply this horrible assertion, however he’s actually exposing this company mentality of local weather or, and even the congressional mindset of local weather change is, who cares? As a result of we’re all gonna be useless.
Yeah. It is a local weather change story. We are saying it on a regular basis. This is not gonna get any hits on this community. It by no means, individuals do not care about local weather change. They are saying they do, you understand, once they’re making an attempt to, once they’re making an attempt to ship a sign, I suppose that they actually care, however they will not go to this story. They will not comply with this story. However I gotta let you know one thing. That is what this man says. These are his phrases. At a giant financial institution like ours what do individuals suppose the common mortgage size is? It is six years. What occurs to the planet in seven years is definitely irrelevant. It is not our downside. It is on our mortgage ebook. For coal, what occurs in seven years is irrelevant. That is the man standing up in entrance of an enormous room of bankers who’re applauding him saying, yeah, yeah, yeah. Who cares? That is the company mentality. That is why we are able to elevate hell about local weather change and no person pays it consideration as a result of you have got these piggish psychopaths, these oddball piggish psychopaths and now lastly the veil is eliminated another time. We see what, that they are a bunch of pigs on the trough. That they do not care about this planet. It is not gonna go wherever. This may, this.
I will be actually stunned if we obtained 10,000 visits on this story, by the point it is over.
I’ll say, it’s extremely humorous you learn that as a result of I truly had it marked and starred proper right here to learn as nicely, as a result of that’s the quote people. That’s precisely what he stated and that is the company mentality.
It goes from the banks to the insurance coverage firms all over the halls of Congress. It would not matter as a result of we’re solely pondering six years into the longer term. We do not have to suppose 10 or 20 years into the longer term.
We’ll be useless or our investments will probably be paid off. So then whoever obtained a mortgage for us to purchase a home in Miami, it is their downside. They’ve paid it off.
Proper, proper. Who cares in case your grandchildren are drowning? Who, who cares? These are pigs.
Pigs on the trough. They are not dressed up like pigs. They’re dressed up in good trying fits. However they’re pigs. They’re psychopathic pigs who, who, who, who become profitable on the expense of the remainder of this planet.

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20 thoughts on “Wall Road Banker Slips Up & Exposes Company Stance On Local weather Change

  1. I was a marketing exec for 6 years. This doesn't surprise me. You should hear what execs say to each other about employees, consumers, investors . . . anything but their profits. (The nicest thing they call us is "ankle-biters.") Studies have indicated that Antisocial Personality Disorder — aka psychopathology/sociopathy — is prevalent among executives. These people ARE psychopaths — quite literally, honestly psychopaths (APDs) according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. By marrying our government to the corporate sector, we have given control of the country to psychopaths. No wonder we're circling the drain.

  2. Sue Exxon for covering up what they knew about Climate Demise and worked against. These fossils should be left penniless and forced to do real work for the rest of their lives.

  3. The American Navy has been developing plans to upgrade naval Ports when global warming puts their moorings upwards of ten feet higher than they were a few years ago.

  4. When money is the god someone worships, there's not much else to be expected from them. I read something about 20 years ago that said that since we've been on the petroleum titty for the last 100 years, we have already run through about 50% of the worlds oil supply. This was 20 years ago. And we had been through 50% of the oil on the planet. That stuff takes millions of years to form. If we don't do something SOON we're going to have effectively destroyed everything the earth has tried to give us. Mother Earth is getting heated in more ways than one.

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