10 thoughts on “Wall Avenue Fails to Ship

  1. my point system so gamed you have to be insane to have money in thier.
    also the problom last 4 presidents sold out america.everyone just took a piece of the pie.
    heres one russia and china were always our enemy.they are communist.
    but let the fools in america find out the hard way.
    im sure thiers alot more if we knew we would be running for the hills

  2. the bigger question open borders with china nafta the technoligy movement to china bailing out russia in 1999 who made the money who is quilty of treason .the houseing market con job to make up for the job loss,no jobs or even talks about them obama laughing not so shovel ready. when jfk was shot his brother rfk was involved with hit teams in south america they were used against him he thought.maybe the russia figured out how to game the system.
    a system based on ficton

  3. The Dots have been connected. now bring on the National News Media. It will go down as the biggest scandal in World History. right now it is the biggest cover up in World History, but soon, thanks to Social media networks, the Story will be told.


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