Occupy Wall Road

Occupy Wall Road
Occupy Wall Street

We’re gonna keep proper right here.


Occupy Wall Road (We’re Gonna Keep Proper Right here)

As a result of that is the place they purchase the politicians
As a result of that is the place energy has its seat
As a result of ninety-nine % of us are struggling
On the mercy of the madmen on this road
As a result of all of us are victims of sophistication warfare
Being waged on us by the one %
As a result of these grasping banksters rob the nation
Leaving us with out the means to pay the lease
As a result of the final time that we had a good authorities
Was about 1932
As a result of we the individuals are imagined to run the nation
However as a substitute it is all run by and for the few
As a result of now we all know the wealthy don’t pay taxes
However once they want a hand it is us who bail them out
As a result of we suspected we lived in a plutocracy
However abruptly of late there isn’t any doubt

And so we’re gonna keep proper right here (2x)

As a result of each my dad and mom misplaced their financial savings
As a result of I’ve by no means opened an account
As a result of the curiosity on my bank card simply doubled
And now I am unable to pay the minimal quantity
As a result of these finances cuts are simply immoral
With our faculties as overcrowded as they’re
As a result of there are not any buses the place I stay
However I am unable to afford to drive a automobile
As a result of so many people haven’t got medical insurance
The remainder of us have it nevertheless it sucks
As a result of the wealthy are driving of their non-public jets
Whereas the remainder of us are slogging by way of the muck
As a result of capitalism is not working
This technique has simply failed to provide
As a result of the one % is prospering
Whereas the remainder of us simply undergo their abuse

As a result of it has been demonstrated amply
That the winners are those who stick round
As a result of this world ought to belong to everybody
Not simply the banksters who would smash it to the bottom
As a result of we have seen voting would not change issues
When the politicians are largely millionaires
As a result of we’re studying easy methods to rise up like Tunisians
Like they did in Tahrir Sq.
The place a younger man named Mohamed Bouazizi
Struck a match that lit up all of the Earth
And all all over the world the spell was damaged
And a motion for the longer term was in beginning
As a result of there’s solely a lot shit the wealthy can feed us
Earlier than we work out which facet we’re on
As a result of we have realized if we wish our liberation
It would come provided that we keep right here til the rising of the daybreak

As a result of firms aren’t individuals
And we won’t simply allow them to select
As a result of if we go away our destiny to them
Then all of us will certainly lose
As a result of the local weather clock is ticking
And we won’t simply go away our world behind
As a result of company rule is not working
And it is time for people’ hearts and minds
As a result of you may’t take it with you
As a result of the wealthy simply don’t care
As a result of it would not matter how a lot you make
However how a lot you may share
As a result of these moments do not come usually
As a result of we wish actually to be free
As a result of we all know what actually issues
One thing referred to as society


David Rovics

20 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Road

  1. All of this is true. But I am a millennial and there is no hope for my generation. I am hoping for a good life and the only good life available is to become a stock broker and then a hedge fund manager. But I want to fix it from the inside and use the money to force unionization at other countries.

  2. Just listened to it again with a friend and it's as relevant now as it ever was. Thank you for moving the world with the energy in this song. Beautiful, healing, movement! We are definitely gonna win. Sharing now.

  3. I think this movement was only about some young people who wanted to feel some "revolutionairy-atmosphere" and not more…too bad, because if they really wanted to, the people could have changed many things!!
    It is also very strange that this movement was mostly in very well developed countries like australia, norway, usa, france or germany, where normal people have much more than the other 90% of the other world..

  4. i love u all. i love u david. everyone is waking up and getting hopeful. it just keeps going, no matter what. this is it y'all. we just have to figure out where we're going, and believe in ourselves, and one another.

  5. You are an inspiration to me David. I truly admire you and your music and it moves me every single time. I've never heard music that affects me this way. Seriously, thank you. It's so powerful, it's so touching.. We need more of this. Never stop.

  6. Im imagining a 1000+ people singing this. The chorus would sound awesome when shouted !!
    Also, in some verses, replacing the guitar with some drums may add to the EPICness… (but im no musician, i hope you get better suggestions)

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