Japan Simply Kicked Off International Treasury Dump

Japan Simply Kicked Off International Treasury Dump
Japan Just Kicked Off Global Treasury Dump

Japan Simply Kicked Off International Treasury Dump

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It is taking place… perhaps. Japan may need simply began the worldwide treasury liquidation. We have been speaking a bit of bit on this channel just lately about how america Treasury is the muse of the whole world monetary system.

However what occurs if you construct your own home on a basis of sand? Ultimately, the home comes crumbling down, and the best way that begins within the monetary system is by the world eliminating Treasurys.

Japan has traditionally been one of many largest treasury holders. They haven’t been shopping for them just lately. And now, due to the issues with their forex, they’ve intervened to cease the collapse of their forex. And so they might have simply began at the start of the top of the present world monetary system.

0:00 Video Overview
0:52 Intro
1:00 Japan Bonds Face Liquidity Stress
2:32 Japan Intervenes to Cease Yen Slide
5:46 Japan Begins Dumping US Treasuries
10:39 Outro

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49 thoughts on “Japan Simply Kicked Off International Treasury Dump

  1. All countries are guilty of irresponsible monetary policy that has led to our current situation. However, Europe and Japan were the worst offenders of unlimited QE and will therefore pay the highest price. We're still the best game in town.😉

  2. There is nothing I hear in this video's analysis that rings true.
    And, IMO it's important to pause this video at each point and actually read the reference that is supposed to support the analysis. You won't find anything is practically any reference that supports the analysis.

    The problem for Japan is unique and is not hard to understand, and because its actions are well reasoned and not unexpected won't cause any global market movement.

    What's really happening starts with US Fed preparations to raise interest rates. The Fed broadcast warnings at least 2 1/2 years and continuously before actually doing so to give every foreign central bank plenty of warning and time to prepare their response and strategy. The US was doing everything it could to ensure that every well run economy would not experience an unnecessary shock and the other countries that would suffer would be the poorly run economies of countries like Sri Lanka, China, Russia and Turkey. Countries like Japan were well prepared by warnings and even personal visits from US money manager officials like Sec of Treasury Janet Yellen as this video describes but not for the purposes this video suggests.

    When the US raised its interest rates, everyone know that the result of QT would affect the global economies and tighten currency markets for everyone because lenders would flock to buying US financial instruments because US instruments offered the highest returns. The expectation of course is that countries that wanted to retain lender interest would also need to raise their interest rates. Japan on the other hand felt that the stagnation its economy has been suffering for years if not decades required continued QE (stimulation) which required easy money at low interest rates so did not follow suit and instead kept interest rates low.

    If Japan has just raised interest rates, it would be in recognition that Japan can't buck the tide further and is following the US rise in interest rates and that had to happen later if not sooner… The US economy is just too powerful to act differently, so Japan is now going the path of least resistance and acting in the interests of its own economy.

    This video is the second I've seen in the past week that parochially looks at the moves of a foreign central bank through some kind of foreign currency or American perspective and that's wrong. That might be how a currency trader might look at things, but in practically all these kinds of cases the Central Bank of every country is simply acting in its own domestic self interest and probably couldn't care less what a currency trader or foreign interest thinks.

  3. I said three years ago that I don’t believe we have at the most five years before the US economy is gonna be collapsing two years to go it looks like it’s gonna be even sooner but America’s been living I’m just printing money back by nothing giving everybody a check so that they don’t burn down American cities which never works in the long run it’s throwing away your money you stop them from burning down cities by shooting her ass by the millions

  4. WEF moving quickly on 1 world currency/govt. And rules are about to change in a drastic way. WEF says "You will own nothing and be happy." We have already began borderless countries starting with U,S, Canada Mexico. Next Russia Ukraine China Taiwan etc. Buckle up buttercup. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

  5. If Japan and others dump existing Treasuries, it follows that Treasury prices fall and Treasury yields rise. How does this Treasury dump effect Fed tightening, inflation and liquidity? Would it force the fed to raise rates above the dumped upon market rate in order to issue new debt in effort to remove the payment dollars from circulation and fight inflation? When foreign owners of US Debt dump their holdings onto the market, do the dollars that are used to purchase the existing debt remain in circulation and therefore have little effect on inflation?

  6. Love this channel and the information I've obtained here has been of great help as a relatively new investor. Keep it coming, your efforts are truly appreciated.

  7. The BIS controls the Treasury under article 55 of their charter , which conflicts with the jurisdiction of a country as two jurisdictions cannot exist in one space at the same time. Read the menorandum between the Bank of England and the BIS it shows that they sovereign.

  8. You are absolutely NUTS if you think Russia is going to collapse in 1-3 years because of the loss of western Europe energy clients. They have redirected their focus and made more money last month than ever. Europe is that cheap client you want to get rid of. Supply did not dry up and cause gas prices to rise. United States sanctions against Russia have backfired. The US lied and said they can supply Europe they cannot. The United States shut off the spicket to Nordstream 2, now one is down. Germany and all of Western Europe are going to collapse. They were only aloud to purchase gas in Rubles and when the US said it will put a cap on Russian oil Putin laughed and so did I. Since when does the buyer dictate price? I am not Russian, or European I live in America. American Imperialism is coming to halt and every American is going to pay the price for letting the ones who govern us destroy so many countries around the world. It is a Global wakeup call and if Americans don't wake up soon, they will be sleepwalking into their own nuclear holocaust….

  9. This is one of many half-researched videos about a subject the creator does NOT fully understand
    He is CLEARLY not a Geopoliticist or Macroeconomist, hes just parroting articles hes read. Just so yall know.

    The truth is Japan and China are competing for qorld trade routes, theyre not alone.
    Ww3 kicked off quietly, more than a dozen countries have already Couped or been invaded outright.
    The only way the USD would drop off the world as the World Reserve Currency is if every country thought "America is a worst investment than China…"
    For the record, China has lower Investor Confidence than Iran.
    The world has been voting for thebqorld leader since WW2 and its only trended more towards the US.

    Economic Hedgemony and Naval Dominance are tethered toghtly, China is the only competitor to that claim and they jave nonreal supporters in their quest to conquer the world… Wxcept Russia and their few proxy-nations like Iran or North Korea or partly(currently) Pakistan

    Dont trust anybody on youtube lol

  10. Blaming Russia for Pinching Europe is one thing-President Biden said in February that he will 'down' the Nordstream2 pipeline-which just happened. It seems to me that might freeze a lot of Europeans this winter….btw-the video is on youtube..

  11. This is so stupid, euro in crisis, energy prices ready to spike, governments turning a blind eye to the reality, Russia escalating its war in Ukraine, interest rates on the rise, I'm just wondering how this impacts the US.

    Hate to say it, but Trump is going to be proven right and simply because he said it, they will reject it.

    If the US focused on energy independence, self reliance on natural resources, and basic production of its own goods (having the capability, even if we still outsource), we would be relatively protected, if not in a position to help provide cheap goods and energy to a world in need.

    Under this administration, that's impossible. Took them less than 2 years to push us here, they still have 2 more years in power before we can stop it.

    Be prepared to be Hungry all, cold, broke, paying outrageous rent, significantly increased fuel prices, and empty store shelves when you can afford something.

    Strong dollar helps purchase goods from overseas, but what happens when overseas production comes screeching to a halt due to energy prices. Then when domestic production costs are elevated due to those same energy costs. We won't be able to sell goods to overseas markets. Meaning local producers in the US won't have a market for their goods.

    The US will be the bastion in the mire of world economy, while facing Japan style stagflation.

  12. Japan finally decided to terminate it's association with the U.S. Treasury and Fed organized criminal cartels! This is what happens when you weaponize your currency.

  13. The whole world will eventually dump the us dollar to save their own currency. Why would they bleed themselves to save US dollar hegemony anyway

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