Why Wall Avenue Hates Silver. SilverSqueeze 2021

Why Wall Avenue Hates Silver.  SilverSqueeze 2021
Why Wall Street Hates Silver.  SilverSqueeze 2021

Take a look at why I believe the true squeeze will probably be in bodily metallic, not paper silver derivatives: https://youtu.be/utB00uABK9k

On this video I offer you my tackle the true causes that wall road hates silver. Wall road hates sincere cash, they a lot desire fiat forex that may trigger rampant inflation and creates asset bubbles that the extremely wealthy on wall road use to switch wealth to themselves.

Silver is the popular sincere cash of the frequent folks. Gold is for Kings and Central Banks.

None of that is monetary recommendation and shouldn’t be construed as such, it’s merely one stacker’s observations and opinions.

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32 thoughts on “Why Wall Avenue Hates Silver. SilverSqueeze 2021

  1. I’m new to your channel and am very grateful for your excellent videos which are full of common sense. I found this video, in particular, to ring true and will continue to prepare for the inevitable economic upheaval by continuing to purchase silver. Thank you very much and may God bless you, sir!

  2. Some good points regarding moderating inflation and some of the moral hazard of fiat currency. However, your wholesale demonization of financial institutions doesn’t tell the whole story….What would you suggest as an alternate system of capital efficient deployment and return ??

  3. I bought silver recently. Don't regret it. Problem is trying to insure it at your home. Does anyone know a insurance company that insures precious metals, bullion etc.?

  4. Search "why wall street hates silver youtube" on Google it doesnt even appear very quickly. You have to scroll down very far to find this video in the Google search results, and it only appears as someone posted it on reddit. Google is hiding this video from the search results.

    Edit: But if you search your other videos by the exact title like "why did SLV Just change its prospectus", it shows up as the top result on Google just fine. Basically, Google is actively hiding this SPECIFIC video from its search results.

  5. Nice video. Just an FYI, hedge funds have not paid their Game Stops shorts yet. They have not been beaten yet………. You will hear about in the new in the next month or two would be my guess. Many will become millionaires as long as the government stays out. 🙂

  6. First of all it isn’t Wall Street directing hate for Precious Metal. It’s the World Bank that doesn’t want interest in Precious Metal over their fiat Currency. You see if you are buying true Monetary Wealth with their Worthless paper & ink. You are nullifying their needed Velocity of that Currency. They don’t want you to know the difference of Monetary Value vs. Green Stamp Inflation.

  7. I disagree with this. The reason Wall Street hates silver is that it attracts chump money that they would rather was buying stocks. The stock markets are already way overpriced according to a number of indexes (like the Shiller). They must hammer silver prices to keep small investors out. How long can that last? Well, they've been doing it for years now, but this kind of thing will eventually come to an end, and that may be now.

  8. Nothing he said is technically wrong, just really REALLY naive.

    Fiat money allows the government to experience recessions at a time more or less of its own choosing, whereas with a backed currency, you can't print money to make sure everyone has enough to eat during a crisis. If you think soup kitchens are bad, try no kitchens. That being said, the Fed has abused the strengths of a fiat currency to an absurd degree. We're afraid of recessions, so we actively try to avoid them. That turns recessions into full-on depressions, which completely negates the point of having a fiat currency to begin with.

    As far as fiat currency being "not real," he's completely skipping over the fact that before we had a centralized banking system, gold-backed notes were issued by the banks and trusted as far as the bank was. Early American notes issued in New York were redeemable in South Carolina, but not for full face value. Fiat currency just takes the faith in the individual banks and transfers it to the Fed, at which point, what does it matter what backs it?

    As long as people are foolish enough to form cults around drinking their own piss, the difference between fiat and backed will remain a purely philosophical one.

  9. Awhile back I tried to use my silver as collateral on a low interest loan. Bank said no way, but we can use your car as collateral. Just think if they would accept silver…. real money.

  10. Silver is a bank killer. Nobody knows the true value, because silver has been manipulated for a long time. Everybody needs to buy as much silver as they can afford. It’s our way of fighting back.

  11. I need help! I can't stop stacking physical Silver. it's got to a point, where I lost my family, friends, and health. I eat low cost meals just for that extra gram or a tarnished Silver bracelet from Ebay… FOR GOD SAKE! I can't even throw used batteries away, I just chuck them in my garage hoping that one day they will get recycled. YOU GET ME!!!

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