Traders Guess Ketamine Therapy Will Revolutionize Psychological-Well being Care | WSJ

Traders Guess Ketamine Therapy Will Revolutionize Psychological-Well being Care | WSJ
Investors Bet Ketamine Treatment Will Revolutionize Mental-Health Care | WSJ

A whole lot of clinics specializing in ketamine remedy for despair and different temper problems have popped up within the U.S. lately. WSJ visits one clinic, Nushama, to be taught why some entrepreneurs are betting that demand for ketamine will proceed to rise.

Picture illustration: Laura Kammermann/WSJ

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33 thoughts on “Traders Guess Ketamine Therapy Will Revolutionize Psychological-Well being Care | WSJ

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  4. Interesting. This appeared one minute after I watched a news segment on teachers wearing bulletproof vest to schools due to their fear of being shot. Now I see this.

    Sadly, our nation will keep pushing new drugs to ‘combat’ the stress related to citizens who are plagued with anxiety and depression, in our country. Yet, a removal of war zone weapons are not reduced. And realize this, you keep paying for the drugs on a monthly basis to “treat” the stress. Whereas, the shooters pay a one time fee for the weapons that help to create the stress.


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  6. Any doctor can prescribe ketamine off label. It's a cheap generic. Getting therapy along with the ketamine in a beautiful clinic in downtown Manhattan is the expensive part. ES-Ketamine is only 40% as effective as the cheap generic regular ketamine.

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