LIVE: President Biden delivers remarks on marketing campaign finance invoice — 9/20/22

LIVE: President Biden delivers remarks on marketing campaign finance invoice — 9/20/22
LIVE: President Biden delivers remarks on campaign finance bill — 9/20/22

President Biden delivers remarks on the DISCLOSE Act on Tuesday.

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LIVE: President Biden delivers remarks on marketing campaign finance invoice — 9/20/22


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37 thoughts on “LIVE: President Biden delivers remarks on marketing campaign finance invoice — 9/20/22

  1. Destron Section 537. Lease of property is a contract whereby a person called the lessor allows another person to summon the lessee to use or exploit the property for a limited time and the lessee. Agree to pay rent for thatazol thailand. Bekaka rumzandd.

  2. Your neighbor is an EXTR3M1$T.
    Gas is affordable.
    Inflation isn't that bad.
    The economy is booming.
    Joe Biden is mentally fit.
    Climate change is real.
    Racism is melting the Ice Caps.
    C19 occured naturally in batsoup.
    Trust the $CIENCE.
    Trust Dr. Fauci.
    Trust Pfizer.
    Don't ask questions.
    The election wasn't Stolen.
    Your Vote counts.
    Your data is secure.
    Only Government should own guns.
    Support the CIA Proxy WAR.
    Pay your taxes.
    Infanticide is contraception.
    Castrate your children.
    Drink high fructose corn syrup.
    Go back to sleep.
    Watch Netflix.
    Be afraid.

  3. Biden And His Liberal Handlers Are Further Dividing Americans With Their POLITICAL HATE SPEECHES ! Just Disgusting For A Sitting US President ! Politicalized Liberal Govt. Corruption ! Clueless , Biden ! If Old, Senile, Joe Biden Is Moving His Lips ,….. He's……. LYING ! Let's Go Brandon ! Just Pathetic ! Biden Is A Lying , Corrupt, SENILE , Liberal Controlled Puppet ! A Complete EMBARRASSMENT For Americans , And Is Joke Of A Leader Of The Free World ! No One , No One Respects Biden And The Liberal Controlled Media Desperately Covering For Biden's Mistakes And His Liberal Agenda Hurting And Destroying Our America ! Biden And His Liberal Controllers Have NO CLUE Of The Damage They Have Done ! Out Of Control Border Illegal Immigration, Gender, Racial Divide , Identity Policies , Staggering Inflation/Gas Prices Are All BIDEN'S FAILURES ! Biden's So-Called 80+ Mil. Votes ? Who Really Believes That ? …… Come On Man !

  4. We're not all stupid Brandon. Run all the ads ya want….if the Dems don't protect our borders, I'm voting Rep….no matter what. If the Dems don't give our military and ex-military what they need, I'm voting Rep. If Dems defund what protects our citizens inside our borders, I'm voting Rep… matter how many ads anyone runs. Common sense policies are what I'm voting for….simple.

  5. 🇨🇳💵👋🏻🤡 Joetatoe Briben…
    Rep. Comer recently obtained new documents that show Hunter and Joe Biden were working to sell American natural gas and drilling assets to Communist China.

    The sale would have allowed China to take control of our natural gas industry through the deal.

    The documents show Hunter was working with the Chinese to get keys to an office in DC for himself, Jim Biden, Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden.

    Rep. James Comer: "I have two whistleblowers. And I am confident they are going to come through in a Republican majority when I conduct the hearings and I have the gavel for oversight. To tell us in detail what their objectives were. And these people were associated with Hunter Biden. And the ultimate goal and the Bidens knew it was for China to start taking ownership in all the different parts in the natural gas industry in the United States… They actually take control of the drillers."

  6. Biden again raising gas prices food going up again no hope democrats vote for republicans in every state coming this November and Si quieres alta gasolina y comida y un futuro de pesimista vota por Alexandria ocasio Cortez y Biden, pero si quieres baja gasolina y un futuro de esperanza Vota por Tina Forte por el districto 14 2022

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