Is purchase now, pay later a sustainable enterprise mannequin? | FT Tech

Is purchase now, pay later a sustainable enterprise mannequin? | FT Tech
Is buy now, pay later a sustainable business model? | FT Tech

Pandemic lockdowns accelerated the already rising recognition of purchase now pay later transactions. However for the operators behind these transactions, margins are wafer skinny. So how sustainable is the enterprise mannequin?

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17 thoughts on “Is purchase now, pay later a sustainable enterprise mannequin? | FT Tech

  1. It’s ok, these people will complain about it in the future and blackmail the government into pay it off using other people’s money. This is in the UK but it’s quickly catching on in the US and just like everything else in this country people will abuse the heck out of it and dig holes for themselves to spiral down in. We are in a society where we are officially promoting bad financial habits. They keep coming up with new names for loan sharks and keep promoting unhealthy and irresponsible financial habits. If you can’t afford simple things like clothes, electronics or make up without having to divide it into 4 payments, then you really need to reevaluate your financial decisions. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it? How hard is it for people to understand and implement that?

  2. With younger generation being more impulsive than before since education is more about "connect with your emotion" and less about "discipline at all cost from the 70's", Younger people will be more enslaved to their debt than ever before with this systeme. Teach your sons how to navigate before this model start to take more impact

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