Payday Loans And IRS Debt DISASTER | Monetary Audit

Payday Loans And IRS Debt DISASTER | Monetary Audit
Payday Loans And IRS Debt DISASTER | Financial Audit

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00:00 Intro
00:55 His catastrophe backstory and enterprise failure
18:41 Checking account limitless spending
20:30 Addict and medical points
32:00 Horrible bank card money owed and collectons
41:07 Horrible automotive debt
44:15 IRS debt
46:00 What to do?

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Caleb Hammer

39 thoughts on “Payday Loans And IRS Debt DISASTER | Monetary Audit

  1. 1- sorry for any audio issues 2- same for the lighting… new set issues that will be ironed out. Typically I scrap any content that does not meet quality standards, but this conversion was just too important.

    If you struggle with any kind of addictions, please know that you are loved and you are not alone. We want to lift you up and help you! Please reach out to those in your local community for help, I promise there are good people who want to support you. You are not alone ❤️

  2. Manz has a backstory for every question lol. But for real, I hope he starts going to therapy and gets the skin issue checked out. A bad breakup and corporate issues can really throw you off your routine but you need to spring back up, buddy. God help and bless you.

  3. These videos are so interesting! Also the lumps he has sounds lie lipomas since they don't hurt. I had a huge one on my hip that grew over the course of 6 years and I had to get surgery for it. It was a fast surgery and I had to go under but I think I had to pay like $2,000 for that.

  4. He spends $17 a day on dating and alcohol but won’t drop $300-400 a month on therapy that would actually impact his life positively. Invest in yourself not alcohol or scammy dating apps.

  5. So around 44mim he confirmed he’s not there for help, or sympathy or even willing to take feedback. He wants to be an Eeyore and a cautionary tale. Notwithstanding the fact he thinks he will die early, he could live a long time in this depressed seas pool of debt that he can only blame himself for. He did express desire for a companion in life. I hope he knows that nobody in their right mind, would get in his hot mess of a financial existence. Dude, please, invest in yourself and go to therapy and get on antidepressants (that you can’t drink with).

  6. I have to come back to this video in twenty minute stints because it’s just so hard to watch somebody be that hopeless. I’m grateful you could help him with your show ❤

  7. Rooting for you Matthew! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there. This is a good start in hopefully a journey of self love. Caleb, your advice and understanding is excellent as always.

  8. Thanks Caleb for giving him the great advice. He needs to talk to someone and working out. Working out helps so much with depression, motivation and fills time. I feel bad for him he has gotten off track but he can easily get straight again. He is not a horrible looking guy or stupid he can find a girl but has to love himself. I hope he gets help! 🙏

  9. As a recovering alcoholic, AA is free. I take home about the same income. I was spending 1,000 dollars a month just at the bar. Not to mention the food, coffee, aspirin and lost hours from work because of being hung over. I've been sober for 8 months and have saved enough to go on 2 road trips while saving money.
    I hope he sees his worth and the spiritual and financial freedom sobriety will bring.

  10. Dude, therapy is a scam and not for everyone. Just sharing your problems with some other creepy soul….?
    Especially if someone is depressed or struggling due to things they can't change…like the cruelty in the world that will never cease to exist?

  11. I kinda reached that point but i was able to recover on my own. Can yall suggest a good in-person therapy session for my sister? i wanna help her sooo bad but i don’t know what’s a good therapy for her. Ive read a lot of bad reviews for betterhelp. I live in Southern CA

  12. Caleb, I see you have addressed this and I am 100% with you that this was an important interview but DANG man, bro had me checking the speaker wiring in my car and restarting my phone.

  13. I really do hope he goes to therapy. My friend has attempted you know what in the past and he used to sound just like this guy. My friend is now going to therapy every week for depression and anger management. I also have depression and so many of the things he's done like blindly spending money on food I struggle with. I go to therapy every single Friday like clockwork. I'm SO glad that you're asking him to budget therapy and medical care into his future plan. That is vital.

  14. As a nurse, this breaks my heart. I feel bad for him. He is scared to get checked out by a medical professional and because of this he is already planning his death. He shouldn’t look for another person to change his life, he needs to get in a relationship for the right reasons and not to “fix him.” He needs to find himself first

  15. He desperately needs therapy. But I sympathize with him. I know I need therapy too but don’t want to pay for it.. it’s hard to get myself to do. But hopefully he can realize that he needs to be his best self to be in the right place when he does meet someone.

  16. If you want to find a good partner you have to BE a good partner. Be someone YOU’D want to date. Caleb- great advice in a delicate situation

  17. This guy has an excuse for everything and thinks he can game the debt system because he works in that field 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤣🤣 most delusional person since the dude who was tryna be a full time actor and quit his job early.

    Sad fr

  18. You can’t help people who don’t wanna be helped 🤦🏽‍♂️ he literally said he wouldn’t sell his $20k car that he has a loan on for A MILLION DOLLARS. bro has zero logic and needs help 💀

  19. By far the best guy you had on the show. Seems very level headed and awesome that he has business mindset! Shame on you Caleb for having such a HORRIBLE mic. It’s unacceptable. I will never forgive you for this.

  20. Wow intense session! His long winded stories reminds me of a family member I have when they over explain everything to rationalize their mistakes. He definitely can NOT find self-worth through another person that’s a big no no! I’m in a relationship , but I’m independent and I’m my own person outside of my relationship. I take care of myself, try to be productive, find a hobby, foster relationships, etc to build myself. Completely depending on another person to be your everything is super unhealthy

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