NFT Insider-Buying and selling Trial Might Set Precedent Past Digital Belongings | Tech Information Briefing Podcast | WSJ

NFT Insider-Buying and selling Trial Might Set Precedent Past Digital Belongings | Tech Information Briefing Podcast | WSJ
NFT Insider-Trading Trial May Set Precedent Beyond Digital Assets | Tech News Briefing Podcast | WSJ

A case involving a person alleged to have engaged in insider buying and selling of non-fungible tokens might push the bounds of fraud legislation.

The WSJ’s Danger & Compliance Journal reporter Richard Vanderford joins host Zoe Thomas to debate the case and why it might set precedent that goes past digital property.

Picture: Florence Lo/Reuters

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40 thoughts on “NFT Insider-Buying and selling Trial Might Set Precedent Past Digital Belongings | Tech Information Briefing Podcast | WSJ

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