Artemis I Launch Checks NASA’s Mission to Return People to the Moon | WSJ

Artemis I Launch Checks NASA’s Mission to Return People to the Moon | WSJ
Artemis I Launch Tests NASA’s Mission to Return Humans to the Moon | WSJ

NASA is gearing as much as launch its Artemis program, which goals to return astronauts to the moon for the primary time in many years. WSJ explains the challenges behind this historic mission, and why it’s a vital step in getting people on the moon by 2025.

Picture Illustration: Amber Bragdon

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40 thoughts on “Artemis I Launch Checks NASA’s Mission to Return People to the Moon | WSJ

  1. 2:01 NASA succumbed to the woke sect propaganda. I don't care the skin color or sex of the astronaut as long as they are competent. Way to go, NASA, propagating racist and sexist discrimination to space and moon.

  2. Since 2020 in 2022 they decided go time moon with humans, what a brilliant idea and other problems are not essential.
    It seems to me or not that starting in 2020, politicians are competing in the greatest stupidity they could do to harm ordinary people.

  3. The Senate Launch System is a complete waste of money. It was never anything but pork. It will fly a few times and be canned due to the enormous expense. SpaceX is our only hope for a sustainable Moon outpost. In fact, Nasa has contracted with SpaceX to meet the Orion capsule in Moon orbit and take the astronauts down to the surface in Starship. So a tiny capsule big enough for 4 astronauts will dock with a Starship big enough to carry every astronaut Nasa has with room to spare, plus all their gear which will ferry them down and back up again where they will reboard the tiny Orion capsule for the return to Earth.

  4. "The first Artemis Rocket and the broader Artemis program….Are expected to be costly…." I dont wanna hear anything about COSTLY, the current administration just blew 300 billion on a government handout. And that was just this week. NASA is given peanuts in terms of money. 93 billion for a program to help inspire humanity is a small price to pay.

  5. Its not the UFO UAP age! No you need to go back 50 years, this is the rocket age again. Please forget about all your problems and let this rocket transport you back to a nicer time. Never mind that we have already sent rovers to the moon and Mars, forget about all that. Isnt it great that we are deluding ourselves? Ahh, ignorance is Bliss, come my blue pill friends and lets regress..

  6. Well, it's good to know that social justice is alive in well. Why no trans-purple-finned dolphins? That pisses me off. Trans-purple-finned dolphins should be able to land on the moon.

  7. Artimis is not logical. It will fail. It will litter the moon with left overs from the many landers. And prove that no astronaut can make it mars. Due to radiation on the moon. Every one of the Appallo Astronauts had radiation problems. And let me mention; (A capsule to return to earth).. Really, That was 50 years ago!! The solution is SPEED!! Very Fast Speed!! Like close to, or above, light speed.. Making it the most efficient use of energy. If we can energize a city with a rock of uranium. We need to fully abide to e=mc2. According to todays psychics. And there is much more to be discovered!

  8. According to NASA, the primary Artemis mission is to put a woman on the moon. According to Norm Macdonald, a male pilot will be needed as well, however, since women can’t drive.

  9. Too expensive. I think they are doing the wrong approach. They should build an orbital spacecraft, of modules similar to space station (habitation, control, power station, docking, propulsion), then refuel/resupply for missions to moon, asteroids, & mars. The Orion would fly to docking module and serve as a lifeboat. Propulsion module uses electric plasma engines. Power station is a combination of solar and nuclear power.

  10. Sadly, NASA has become a money-sponge, a leaderless entity that is now 'woke'. I'm 72 and remember with great fondness what NASA was capable of 50 years ago. Those days are long gone, I believe. Private companies are the future of space travel now.

  11. We can’t even get it right here. At least there’s nothing to kill on the moon. Although, there could potentially be an explosion large enough to dislodge the moon from its orbit. You can imagine the rest.


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