Cathie Wooden's Doomsday Is Right here! However It’s Worse Than You Suppose

Cathie Wooden's Doomsday Is Right here! However It’s Worse Than You Suppose
Cathie Wood's Doomsday Is Here! But It’s Worse Than You Think

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23 thoughts on “Cathie Wooden's Doomsday Is Right here! However It’s Worse Than You Suppose

  1. I have friends in HR in tech and live in SF. I hear constantly about the West Coast tech companies that have given away insanely high salaries, equity stakes, and Cadillac benefits to many employees who are more concerned about how woke their company can be and publicly lambast their own management for not hiring enough female and minority engineers while there are so few in the labor pool. These millennials seem more concerned about their personal SJW agenda or enriching themselves with their next stock refresh than anything having to do with corporate productivity or product. The "growth" tech companies that have not been profitable for years and years are long overdue for a reality check. If you hold stock with these low or no profit tech "growth" companies you are in for a continued beating. Cathie Wood is out of touch with reality and reality has finally come home to correct the imbalance.

  2. Cathie woods signature stock was Tesla you didn’t mention it. She was right about it. Then she sold 20% because she said she had to much Tesla She was wrong about that. PS the GFC wasnt bought on buy the sub prime interest rate. It was bought on buy hi gas prices in a cold winter in the US then six months after that the GFC collapse happened people bought gas and couldn’t pay their mortgage.

  3. Ignorance is bliss for Cathy Woods – she’d better off realising that she has lost her touch and should better resign, write books (the ones you’ll learn nothing from by reading them), and do some knitting and home cooking classes… (hoping that her cooking and baking skills supersede her premonition (dis)abilities)…

  4. I still don't think the Fed is going to pivot until well into 2023. One thing that was learned in the 1970's was that you have to stay the course if you are going to defeat inflation. I don't ever see them returning to QE. But who knows?

  5. All you guys in investment all work on lagging information from actual retail sales , this information is 8 mths behind manufacturing information, Inflation will stop when price increases stop in China on goods, I manufacture in China and there is no sign off this happening, plus energy prices are still going up and because all manufactured goods are basically just energy , Inflation is absolutely not over and there is no sign off it being so.

  6. We have to start looking at Tech companies with a little bit of reality. A huge chunk of them don't actually have the technology they say they do(theranos, tesla truck and self driving cabs, etc). Software companies create literally nothing. There is no tangible aspect to their product. Is even social media maybe in for a big surprise. The reality is we've all been acting like children with our new toys for way too long. Perhaps it's time to grow up and feed and clothe and house people.

  7. If you are invesitng in innovative tech space, the economic data of recession does not matter at all. These are cycles of the market. When considering the few-point percentage of interest rates and inflation to value these companies, you are just trying to chase the hype they are risky business beyond those factors

  8. I work in the adult industry, and we have the exact opposite trend, we can't find new hires fast enough. – This does make sense in you think about it, as more people are out of work, the higher the demand for entertainment.

    (I'm not talking about models and actors, I'm talking everything else around it. Developers, marketing, HR, AI development, community management, (video) editors, finance, Robotics, etc) – The company I work for went from $200k/month revenue before covid to now $600k/month and still growing and opening 2 more offices. One in San Francisco and one in Barcelona.

  9. Success seems to be connected with action . successful people keep moving . They make mistake ,but they don't quit .The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works

  10. All the countries around the world are on the brink of bankruptcy.The external debt of the major economies like US, Japan, Italy are at insane levels.Most smaller economies like Sri Lanka , Bangladesh etc are already in dire straits.Then there is the problem of the internal debts of most countries which is again completely out of hand.Corporate debt levels are also a big concern.Everything is going to crash very badly should a global financial implosion happen.A run on the banks all around the world is very much on the cards.

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