The Subsequent Part within the World Monetary Collapse 🔥 with Dr. Marco Metzler

The Subsequent Part within the World Monetary Collapse 🔥 with Dr. Marco Metzler
The Next Phase in the Global Financial Collapse 🔥 with Dr. Marco Metzler

🔥The Butcher of wall avenue | Marcel Kalinovic
I am a enterprise proprietor, serial-entrepreneur, and investor exploring the macro and geopolitical implications of present world occasions on world monetary markets.

Founder: Lit Xchange LLC, Scorching Shot Expediting & Logistics LLC, HSE INC

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2300+ Hedge Funds Face Margin Calls. Retail Buyers, WE ARE THE WHALE: Our Tales

Chinese language Navy Discussing Taiwan Invasion & Defeat of US Regional Forces and Govt Order 14032
Thanking Hedge Funds, J Pow, Bernie Madoff, & Janet Yellen for this blessing.

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Credit score Default Swaps are up 5,000 % in 2021.

*Darkish Pool Use By High 4 BANK NOW 61.8 %
CBO Admits, inflation and GDP to “surpass its most sustainable stage”.*

Half 1 of seven

This started as an investigation into the correlations from 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2021 inventory market crashed and debt ceiling points.
It was my largest nightmare and there is no good end result. Purchase Calls on my therapist… $65 strike worth…

As of 8/1/21 we’re getting into a brand new debt ceiling disaster with congress on a 6 week trip, mixed with an expired lease moratorium the place 6.2 million renters face evictions, the owners of stated tenant’s homes will possible by no means obtain back-pay for lease owed probably inflicting document excessive bankruptcies akin to 2008 or worse, and with out taking this into consideration, CBO initiatives a federal finances deficit of $3.0 trillion this 12 months because the financial disruption brought on by the 2020–2021 coronavirus pandemic, whereas the laws enacted in response proceed to spice up the deficit (which was massive by historic requirements even earlier than the pandemic).

In August 2011, throughout the debt ceiling disaster, the Congressional Finances Workplace (CBO) projected that the federal finances would present a deficit of near $1.5 trillion, or 9.8 p.c of GDP.

That’s practically 1 share level larger than the shortfall recorded in 2010 and nearly equal to the deficit posted in 2009, which at 10.0 % of GDP was the very best in practically 65 years on the time.

At 13.4 % of gross home product (GDP), the deficit in 2021 could be the second largest since 1945, exceeded solely by the 14.9 % shortfall recorded in 2020.

For the interval of financial growth from the second quarter of 2009 by way of the fourth quarter of 2019, actual GDP elevated at an annual price of two.3 %.

The CBO estimates from 2011 could be heaven in comparison with the fact we’re going through, which is a crippled economic system and inventory market on the snapping point. Proof beneath;

In 2011 CBO projected the three month Treasury invoice to be value 4.4% in 2021.

The precise 3 month Treasury invoice price for July 2021 is value between 0.01 and 0.06%.

In 2011 the projected 10 12 months Treasury observe invoice price was projected to be 5.4% for 2021

The precise 10 12 months Treasury observe invoice price is 1.24% In July 2021

Report Launched by the U.S. Division of Commerce, Beureau of Financial Evaluation, on the Gross Home Product, Second Quarter 2021

Private Revenue: “Present-dollar private earnings decreased $1.32 trillion within the second quarter, or 22.0 p.c, in distinction to a rise of $2.33 trillion (revised), or 56.8 p.c, within the first quarter of 2021.”

Individuals have misplaced $2+ TRILLION in financial savings, Q2 2021 ALONE….

Q1 2021 Individuals had $4.07 Trillion in Financial savings…
Q1 2022 Individuals had $1.15 Trillion in Financial savings…


The Butcher of Wall Street | Marcel Kalinovic

33 thoughts on “The Subsequent Part within the World Monetary Collapse 🔥 with Dr. Marco Metzler

  1. I ve got a question what will happen when amc squeezes but we got hyperinfaltion and deafaults all over the place my squeeze money will be worthless than isnt it just better to buy physical gold instead of amc or gme?

  2. Been wondering when the impact would come. Now I understand. So it’s MM and prime brokers and the banks over her sitting around a table of a board room, trying not to blink. And retail is slowly coming into the building and headed towards the elevator. What floor is the boardroom on?

  3. marcel thing is look at the republicans got one donation of over billion dollers no wounder they fight not to raise taxes on the top 5% and fought agianst my OPM-Our Planet Matters- 1 alternative powered farming resources 2 a non social pro network they used and created teaparty twitter and rest twisting what was to be public revenue and 3 Public Options part of which they couldnt beat became obamacare health care but very watered down it was to be like net phone cable but our nessesities like basic house power car insuarances to help those who need the help and get fair share and more out fo the top 5% and criminals of the world ape nation and more have been fighting protesting against i remeber rightwingers and wallstreet people throwing trsh to peeing on the wallstreet protestors from balconies

  4. Unfortunately, Dr. Metzler hasn’t been correct on next steps and timeline since the beginning. I wouldn’t trust the coin he is selling either. No disrespect to BB but this guy is a bit flaky

  5. This Evergrande narrative is becoming stale. Even they are truly worthless, it’s impact on any entity that is related to AMC will be minimal. As Metzler pointed out, they are not bankrupt. Even if there is an impact stateside, it will take many months.

  6. Interest rates go up, people spend less, businesses and people's loan costs go up, the sad thing about inflation is that even when you get it under control the damage is done and those prices never go back down, I’m putting all of my profits into Silver Gold Bitcoin Ethereum and food.

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