38 thoughts on “MAN UP OR SHUT UP

  1. Run up to $30, 40, 50, or more. All that inside info cos you worked on the street, and your group …… the only street you every worked on was a street corner.
    30%+ loss from Tuesday's high. AA's fault and the APE div issue, I guess.
    Shill FUD that's what you are Trust Me Lou

  2. As soon as it runs high AMC will dilute with APE (as he should to pay off debt) sucks …but it’s reality. $1k the most you will see. Sucks

  3. Are we still going to have “our run” this week? Remember? The run you said was going to happen… is it still on schedule? Are we having “our run” tomorrow??

  4. Super Shill Lou is now sick when the shit is about to hit the fan. Notice this Super Shill only talks shit about us who are holding and Adam Aaron. He won't talk shit about his boss Kenny Boy! Weird but he's for helping the "Apes" while bashing us and now is telling us to sell our APE shares that will clearly be used to out Shitadel and friends with ALL their fake shares they've been selling us. Why the fuck would you sell the only thing we can use to prove they've been running a gigantic ponzi scheme?! That's idiotic!!! Y'all better hold or you will fail yourself and your families to get that life changing wealth that's your in this play. Y'all better not listen to that bullshit financial advice from that Shill. This is not financial advice. Good luck to all of y'all. Stay strong and make smart decisions. #HODL #AMC #ToTheMoon 💎🤲🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾😎

  5. Although I don’t agree with some of your view Lou, I agree with you in on thing. Adam Aron Isn’t on our side.

    A ese cabron lo único que quiere es usarnos para hacer dinero para el, y su compañía. Este cabron no va a mandar por un tubo cuando obtenga lo que quiere de nosotros.

  6. Lou panicked and folded. How many of you already sold because Lou's fear convinced you to sell? Let this be a lesson learned. I hope you didn't lose those long term shares. Smh this guy man he says he is looking out for you and and he screwed you.

  7. Tony Denaro DD videos made a fool of Lou's gaslighting, word salad, nastiness, and bs. Short sellers must buy BOTH AMC & APE if they want to cover. Checkmate shorts. HOLD was and still is the game.

  8. Yo Lou didn't you tell people to take profits from AMC and put it into BBBY on Friday when you did that stupid ass video with the hashtag? And then it dumps by the end of the week. Are you are convicted criminal bro…? Seems like it. 🤔

  9. Lou – You are a convicted fraudster. Your word is worth gum on the bottom of a worn sneaker. Nothing more. While most of us have put up with your AMC conspiracy laden bs for most of the past year+ as a means of entertainment/distraction, it's time to take a backseat. You've been wrong about every single big event that you've predicted. Every single one. This movement is far larger than your ego. That you think that the average investor looks to you like superman is a figment of your own inflated waste/ego. You likely shorted the stock and your time is up. Tick/Tock. Time to GFYOM! The Ape Community.

  10. The Diamond handed Apes not need you before your first video and not need you now Lou GFYM I will DIAMOND HAND this you have done nothing but pump bad plays and leave people bag holders just fade away Lou DIAMOND HAND APES will NOT SELL tomorrow !

  11. Lou is getting smoked on Reddit and Twitter, they're unravelling his entire life. No Teslas or penthouse. Under supervised release until 2024 after conviction and imprisonment for defrauding elderly people of over $73.000 via mail fraud for ads that never existed, begged a judge for early release from a Dominican jail due to inmate abuse.

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