25 thoughts on “AMC / APE NEXT MOVE……

    even through adversity.
    WTAF is this clip?

    Is Lou a shill for the hedges??
    The ape coin is really bad for the hedes and is therefore good fo us real AMC holders.
    As for the value, Ape coin plus your AMC together will be equal your old amc position, It's not difficult and should be welcomed by all who are not hedge fund managers

  2. Lou talks to us like we talk to our families. Someone screws us over, we call our families. When talking to them ,we react in stages. Anger, thoughts of retaliation, a cool down period, reevaluation of the situation, solving the problem. Talking it out calms us down.
    So he is like most of us when it comes to that.
    We all have alot of money in this play. Everyday we are watching the blatant and criminal manipulation of AMC and other stocks. Who could have predicted any of this?
    At this point, I am still in. Not like we have alot of options at this point. This is a wait and see game.
    I initially came into this play for one reason. To save AMC. This is my first play and it will be my last. I just hope that Wallstreet and its corruption implode before I go..

  3. i got out completely, im good with it…hedgies spent all that money to drive it down, they were lined up to be squished…..wilth ape, itll be 10 or under….we all thought over 50 2 weeks ago maybe in hundreds…now 10 is good? oh ape will probably be halted, took the high road and if wrong, id rather buy amc later

  4. Lou a few days ago," I'm 100% selling my AMC on the 19th, I don't want APE, fuck this play".
    Also Lou a few days ago " Look motherfuckers I'm riding this thing out so I can get my APE shares on the 19th, some brokers won't be able to deliver those shares, I want my APE shares so I can ride it till the squeeze, I love you motherfuckers. Euuhhyy✌️ " 🥴🤡

  5. Every thing your saying is wrong. Eack investor will have AMC and Ape canada and Germany may have to wait 2 days. You can sell either stock if you want,but holding ape shakes out fake shares.50, 50 split is normal, and in Q&A which obviously you did not read.
    Whats this new FUD about fines, brokers have to produce period, who's going to fine them? Please read something or have the 3 cons help you.

  6. Why arent we organizing and marching to the capital and demand answers i mean are we really the much of a pussy to stand up for ourselves. America home of the brave yeah right give me a break stop singing that damn anthem we dont mean that shit

  7. Man you are such a shill lol …such FUD .. The company literally announced in public today they have no plans of diluting in 2 calendar years.. And even if they'd deluded it dummy if the synthetics you've been promising or out there for so long they're not getting ape.. It couldn't be more obvious you're paid off

  8. Here are some facts: shorts don't have voting rights with or without APE. APE can't be converted to AMC unless it is voted on. If APE gets diluted then AMC can payoff debt. If debt gets paid off shorts cover. 5 billion shares of AMC would make the shares worthless it makes no sense to do that. An AMC APE conversion there can also be a reverse split. This guy doesn't know as much as he thinks he does. He panicked and folded. None of the things I just mentioned has he brought up, ask yourself why. Stop listening to this guy he wanted you to sell and follow him to other plays smh.

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