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43 thoughts on “Wall Road zombie march

  1. what the fuck are they gonna do if i were to walk around a corner see one of them and think they were zombies and start beating the fuck out of them with whatever i got on me at the moment that would be fuckin hilarious and i agree with stryder they look pretty fuckin retarded

  2. @NeutralExistence

    One will also notice if you compare the presidents who tried to stop this financial takeover, most of them either had attempts on their life, or were assassinated. I was also under the impression that the "American" civil war was started by financial family's after "America" started printing its own money. That was one of the main basis for the war against Britain, was a free money that the people could print themselves.

  3. @priestesskandiranson

    Yes, tho to my understanding several presidents did challenge the monetary system, and end up making the currency "American" for a short time. In 1811 President Jefferson, and others stopped the "first bank of "America"". A Second Bank of the United States was formed in 1816, and it secured a 20 year charter. President Andrew Jackson withdrew the federal deposits in 1832 as part of his plan to kill the bank charter in 1836.

  4. @seppsters

    Actually money in our modern society is nothing but debt.

    All the money the "American" government has, it borrows at interest from the central banks.

    None of this profits the "American" people in anyway since the value of the currency is entirely dependent on how much of it is in the market. So we are thereby giving our entire economy's up for manipulation to private money lending enterprises that have to have no real tender to back their paper fiat currency.

  5. @Tracisom I don't wish for this, but we all know it's inevitable. I just hope we address it soon enough; then we might be able to save as many people as we can. Many people are dying every day due to starvation which was caused by our money system and the sociopathic views they teach everyone in school… either way we must act! 🙁

  6. @seppsters So you're saying back in the beginning of time, before people decided to invent "money", there was no food? We only need money because we are in such a system, but it's very important we work to get off it because you can clearly see it's not going to work. It was designed to implode and suck all the wealth out back to the wealthy end.

  7. @citizenlyfeva But we get into mortgages knowing how they operate. I would rather see some of these wealthy whiners like Roseann Barr and Michael Moore put their money where their mouth is and create their own banks that offer mortgages that have a set return (say 20% or 50% of loan). Then again, I'd also like to see them voluntarily pay more taxes and stop itemizing & taking deductions. Why are these people always willing to sacrifice everyone else's property but never their own?

  8. @citizenlyfeva I agree in great part. As we have moved farther and farther to the left from what the founders gave us, we have become more and more politically disconnected. Individual sovereignty is replaced with identity politics and groupthink. The big problem is the federal gov't overstepping its bounds and acting in arenas for which it has no constitutional power. That goes for Bush as well as Obama and all the recent congresses. It's why I favor repeal of the 17th Amendment and term limits

  9. @PatrickHenry75 good point …. :/ I still cant help but wish that we could all stop playing into a political trap that our government pushes us into …its a system that I believe keeps us all distracted from the major problems rather its big government or small government ..or if 'your calling for less government spending or More Free anything from the government thing is for sure… our government is not listening to Us at this point …and we have no say in the big picture ,sorry

  10. @citizenlyfeva Of course there are attacks from the left. If you don't see them it's because you don't want to. There are major differences between the tea parties and the ows. The latter is doing their best to create linkage to ride the coattails of a group they disdained and held in utter contempt. Asking the revolutionary left and conservative right to come together to create laws and a gov't safety net is simply asking constitutionalists to shut up and let the left rule.

  11. @PatrickHenry75 when I say right wing scum ..I point to people who get on youtube and say shit about Occupy ..who have no fucking Idea what their saying …. I want to see the right and the left come together … No where do you see the attacking comments from the left … get off your High horse and help change this crap were in … Btw ..the teaparty failed when they voted the same crap into office ..bravo !

  12. @citizenlyfeva You clearly did not watch or pay attention during the tea parties. Linkage of the tea parties and OWS is nothing short of ridiculous rhetoric. It is akin to saying JFK and Castro are cut from the same cloth because they both talked about American industry in Cuba.

    Please point to one of my "right wing scum" brethren who is screaming "everythings (sic) fine."

  13. i love how politics still has an Iron grib on Right wing scum who at this point scream .. "everythings fine…everythings good" but for the Teabag protest.. there was nothing but Pissed off rightys screaming the same thing… when they unite thooo we will see true change…

  14. @mitchrix417 Gives a whole new meaning to "Obama Zombies" – clearly these are Obama voters – who cannot think for themselves and just mindlessly follow the democrat party.

  15. How could ANYONE take these people seriously?!!!! And it has little to do with their silly little dress-up. They can't even compose a logical thought!!! "It is, uh, to say that uh, there is, uh, a soulessness, uh, that goes along with selling yourself to, uh, to the, uh, persuit of money."

  16. Notice how they never say a word about chrysler and GM who haven't paid back their tarp money, and whose shady bankruptcy restructuring ignored bankruptcy to give favors to the UAW…..that would perhaps be counterproductive though as the UAW are also stalwart Democrat voters.

  17. @csrivalry lol I doubt they are undercover liberals no movement is 100 percent sound. Seeing the problems of one movement while refusing to see that of the counter is not logical.

  18. Communication and facts are key. You need to be above board and stay within your rights in order to truly lead and obtain the momentum for national and legislative change. Demonstrating is one thing, creating law is another. As our Congress is dysfunctional, you're better off writing up the legislation yourselves and presenting it because if you think they're going to do anything… guess again…they've wasted and stolen our time, our jobs and our money. We are the core of government – not them

  19. The protests that raged throughout 1968 were for the most part student-led. Worldwide, campuses became the front-line battle grounds for social change. While opposition to the Vietnam War dominated the protests, students also protested for civil liberties, against racism, for feminism, and the beginnings of the Ecology movement can be traced to the protests against nuclear and biological weapons during this year. (Source: "1968 and the Environmental Movement in Europe)

  20. Tactics of nonviolent resistance, such as bus boycotts, freedom rides, sit-ins and mass demonstrations, were used during the African American Civil Rights Movement. This movement succeeded in bringing about legislative change, and making separate seats, drinking fountains, and schools for African Americans illegal. (Source: Civil rights Movement Veterans and Freedom Riders)

  21. Bill of Rights: Amendment 1:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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