In a primary, Kaaba will get new cowl within the month of Muharram

In a primary, Kaaba will get new cowl within the month of Muharram

MAKKAH – In accordance with the annual custom, the material of the Holy Kaaba, Kiswa, was changed by the employees of the Common Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet Mosque on Saturday, initially of latest Islamic yr.

It’s for the primary time that Kiswa was changed on the primary of holy month of Muharram because it was put in on the morning of Dhul Hijjah 9 throughout Hajj.

The substitute of the Kaaba’s Kiswa was carried out by a staff chosen from King Abdulaziz Complicated for Holy Kaaba Kiswa, because the staff started to dismantle the previous Kiswa with the brand new one.

The official SPA information company described the method as, “The brand new kiswa consisting of 4 separate sides and the door curtain. Every of the 4 sides of the holy Kaaba was raised individually to the highest of the Kaaba in preparation for its unfolding on the previous aspect, and fixing the aspect from above by tying it down and dropping the opposite finish of the aspect, after the ropes of the previous aspect have been loosened. By transferring the brand new aspect up and down in a everlasting motion, then the previous aspect fell from under and the brand new aspect remained, and the method was repeated 4 instances for either side till the costume was accomplished, then the belt was weighed in a straight line to the 4 sides by stitching it”.

The variety of items of the Kiswa belt of the holy Kaaba is 16 items, along with six items and 12 lamps on the backside of the belt.

The brand new cowl consumed about 850 kg of uncooked silk, which was dyed black contained in the complicated, 120 kg of gold wire, and 100 silver wires.

About 200 skilled staff and directors took half within the preparation of the holy cowl at King Abdulaziz Complicated for Holy Kaaba Kiswa.

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