How A No-Purchase Yr Can Change Your Mind's Response To Consumerism

How A No-Purchase Yr Can Change Your Mind's Response To Consumerism
How A No-Buy Year Can Change Your Brain's Response To Consumerism

Chelsea speaks with YouTuber Hannah Louise Poston about her year-long no-buy problem, battling consumerism, and the way her attachment to materials gadgets has modified.

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46 thoughts on “How A No-Purchase Yr Can Change Your Mind's Response To Consumerism

  1. This guest is so meandering. I wanna know about no-buy year but she only went in on that topic near the end of the video. I can sense Chelsea's impatience. And her avoidance to consider the addiction issue lol.

  2. Chelsea, your outfit is fantastic. Could you share brands? I know it’s the opposite of the point of the show; however, beauty should be recognized, in moderation.

  3. I appreciate the honesty, and vulnerability from both the host, and the guest. If we don’t talk about these things we’ll never address our relationship with money. Thank you both!

  4. This is such a great episode!

    Also, please do a video on the weird relationship with money that exists in these arts spaces – it also applies to the non-profit sector too (a sector that I work in). As someone who grew up in poverty, it's frustrating to deal with my coworkers and superiors who argue that money shouldn't matter, while they have wealth in their family to draw from.

    I was in arts spaces before non-profit spaces as a teen and in my early 20s, and I totally bought into the rhetoric. When I got older and developed more perspective, I realized that everyone in those spaces trying to "live the artist life" and "not worry about money" came from wealthy families. I wish I heard this conversation 10 years ago so I could've came to the realization sooner. I get paid more in the non-profit sector because I'm in a high-demand field, but I'm thinking of making a switch to the for-profit world for the sake of my and my family's financial security.

  5. “Partner – now husband.” 🙄
    Pick a side. If you think you’re standing in solidarity with people who have alternate lifestyles, keep calling him (them?) “partner.” Otherwise, he was a BF or fiancé, now husband.

  6. I seriously don't get it. Is that an American thing? Wondering how to manage with just the clothes/appliances/accessories you have? I get having a problem with spending, like any addiction. But the "were you not wearing make up" "did you have to experiment with the clothes you already have" just threw me completly.

  7. Hannah's content was life changing for me at the tail end of 2019 and my journey to becoming debt free and happy with what I own. Her grace and vulnerability gave me chills once again!

  8. The only time I got myself into debt was when I was paying for flights every couple of months to keep a long-distance relationship between the UK and Germany going. We are now married and I am so glad I “invested” that money I didn’t have at the time into our relationship. However, my mom had to bail me out of the credit card debt and that ist still something that bugs me deeply to this day. I also wasn’t aware how little of what I paid each month went towards the actual debt and how much was eaten up by the interest alone….and I have a degree in maths. If you’re ashamed then you just don’t even want to look.

  9. I've thought for a long time that Hannah is unbearable to listen to. I thought maybe it was just her own videos because she could indulge herself in her long-winded, self-obsessed, and dragging thoughts. Nope, turns out she is even more unbearable in an interview setting. Chelsea wasn't able to get a word in! Also- Hannah still made "VIB Rouge" during this "no-buy" year, which means she spent at least $1,000 in a single year at Sephora.

  10. The way Hannah describes needing those clothes around the 27:30 mark perfectly articulates the struggle I have. It is so comforting to know that a) I am not crazy and b) not the only one who has felt like this about something (literally) so superficial when I don’t consider myself to be a superficial person.

  11. When I got to go to Marshalls or a thrift shop was a big day in my life. I got one new shirt for the first day school each year, and I was grateful for it. I would get clothes or shoes only when I absolutely needed them bc my family didn’t have money .

  12. All the prep for buying something is much better and satisfying than the actually buying. After you buy something it actually causes depression bc the anticipation is gone and then you go onto the next purchase.

  13. Hannah explains this so well – I’ve struggled with spending motivated largely by the emotions triggered when I look at something I find stunningly beautiful. Some of the spending I allow without guilt – my home is my sanctuary and I need it to have the aesthetic I need to feel joy (of course these home items last years). My OTHER spending, however, is perplexing and excessive. I never had money or luxury growing up – when I became a successful lawyer in Manhattan and got my first paycheck after being a poor student, I could suddenly just HAVE something that I couldn’t have weeks prior. I began making “changes” when I started a great job in May, but something isn’t clicking, because everything feels the same, as far as finances go.

  14. Thank you for this video. I spend too much on material things even though I can more than afford all those things.I ALREADY HAVE A CLOSET BURSTING AT SEAMS.Going on a buying freeze for six months.

  15. About how some people get to do things for the love of the art: this is the reason I left scientific research. I kept getting told that having gaps between scholarships was normal and something researchers had to deal with and it was a matter of managing your money well. Really? Maybe if my husband was an architect like person A's instead of working at McDonald's like mine. Maybe if I had so much family wealth I had two houses and actual servants like person B. Maybe if I was still living with my parents at 40 like person C. As it was, we only didn't starve thanks to a combination of being able to eat for free at work and our parents receiving us for dinner a few times a week, and still we were about to lose our apartment. I absolutely love research and if I could I'd do it till retirement or beyond. As it is…

  16. There's no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it. I’ve been seeking financial advices for a few years and I’ve acquired over 3M dollars. Start early to create other sources of income so you don't suffer in retirement or old age

  17. I’m deeply worried that Hannah has an addiction to shopping. I’ve seen the ‘no buy July’ video in which she spends the entire video justifying the purchases she ‘needs’ in the run up to and on the first day of July. I really do think that she needs real, psychological help. It’s not healthy. Chelsea, I’m shocked you had her as a guest considering Hannah’s issues with rampant consumerism.

  18. Omg ! that is exciting to find out hannah is a fellow Marylander. I love her channel and i agree with her point about debt in college and the feeling that credit debt is just another way of living . i think you should also have shawna ripari . she has made some insightful points about spending habits like buying just to try and tracking spending habits to bring about self awareness before going on a no buy to make better no buy rules so you do not feel trapped .

  19. It is so beautiful to see two articulate women discussing such important topics. I watched HLP’s whole no buy year. It was very inspiring. I grew up in a family that had investments, but looked less wealthy on the outside. We drove old cars and didn’t upgrade the house. I always had everything I needed and a lot of what I wanted, but saving was a priority. Now as an adult, I try to be the same. I do collect a few things, but we try to live our values. We put money into education and having fun. Living in a giant house is not a desire. So I have never tried to look more wealthy than I am, but I do like to look nice.

  20. I’m soo glad I saw this interview. I know that I’ve been unhappy for a while and I know that’s what has been causing my shopping. I racked up around 10k in credit card debit in 1yr. Like Hannah said I know what the issue is, I need help/therapy but shopping is just so much easier. And honestly I need to let go of social media too because that feeds into a lot of my desires.

  21. Thank you. I resonate with … pretty much everything you’ve experienced. Along with the shopping itself, there’s the wasted time forever lost, the lack of discipline revolving time and being punctual. My weakness, like you, is clothes, hair and makeup, beauty products, hair extensions, crafts and all things home decor and DIY. I have tons of projects to get to but I’ll waste hours scrolling Amazon or “doing” my hair and make up to the point that whatever I was getting ready for is over or nearly over by the time I’m ready to go. It’s just insanely ridiculous self sabotaging procrastination and I’m doing RIGHT NOW! I have errands to run. Errands that consist of .. get this: picking up and returning orders from Amazon, returns and/or purchases at JC Penny, Old Navy, Walmart, Amazon and Fred Meyer! I’m obviously not in denial, but it’s just So blatantly in my face right now. I recently received an inheritance and I have legit plans to invest it into Something worthwhile but if I don’t get my Shit together, I’m about to screw myself and my kids out of an inheritance of their own.

  22. When I left college I did a year as an Americorps and lived for a year with a $1100 a month stipend which really helped me get used to budgeting and managing my finances

  23. What a shame we heard little about her actual experience approaching, conducting, and learning from her no-buy year. A wasted opportunity to learn from an interesting guest.

  24. Appreciating how the organic nature of the conversation revealed so much psychology around money, image, and shame/embarrassment that can underlie or fuel the overspending process. Thank you –

  25. Chelsea, I just don't know if you KNOW how impactful your presence is. I know you're not super mushy-mushy all the time, so pardon me when I say that I am truly grateful for you and the way you present these tough subjects. Your candor, logic, and level-headed in-your-face-ness are just chef's kiss perfection. I am forever indebted (lol) to you and your life's work. Thank you for empowering us.

  26. Damn this one hits different. No one talks about SPECIFICALLY how difficult it is to not give up on your creative dreams while chasing financial stability. Thank you so much for your channel!!!

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