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43 thoughts on “Was a bachelor’s diploma obligatory? 🤔 #finance #cash #shorts #studentloans #school #commencement

  1. One thing i notice here in USA is kids don't like study, teachers and parents don't force them to study… Do whatever you want to do approach.. they must be thankful that they r at better place, but world is changing and they have to change their mentality.
    Understand the value of study, education.. average age of being Graduate here is 28 years.. people has to stop celebrating that Graduation ceremony when Pre-K kid pass..

  2. It will be best for him to find a job at gym. Any Gym..He can prepare for the exam while he works at a Gym. He can make more money if he does personal training.

  3. I'm in 3rd year soon and I still don't know what the hell I want to do. Everyday I feel like I'm wasting time and money

  4. I’ve always been against people saying “you just go to school to get debt and get a piece of paper”. Always said it is very important to go to university and get an education. This man proved me wrong today. People should still go to university and get an education of course but don’t go just for the sake of getting a diploma especially not if you’re gonna get 45k of debt for a worthless degree😂

  5. Went to community college first. Got my ADN and became a registered nurse. First job I was making $75,000 @ $49.50/hour without a penny of debt. If you go to college know why you’re going and it is almost 100% a guarantee it will be better at a community college.

  6. First of all, 5 years is the new normal and no one should beat themselves up over it. Secondly, go to a junior colleges first and then transfer to a university. Saves you LOTS of money AND TIME. Trust the process.

  7. Never go to college unless you have an idea of what you want to do. Go to community college if anything and do internships and find your niche. That way if you end up not wanting to go you waste less money

  8. 55k? Man, fuck that. I’ll go be a garbage man with my little high school diploma and pull 115k after overtime. And I’ll be strong and conditioned. Rub your degree on your chest

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